Langara Island British Columbia April 18th 2015   we start backwards posting pictures from the north end of Canada .  The reason I am first posting pictures from the north end is because we posted the pictures from the south end of British Columbia"s Canada Pacific's Coast lines tidal pools last year during the  Fukushima Expedition For Life  initial beginning stages .  You can find those pictures in the archives by clicking sections at the top right side of this page .  The tides where early in the mornings and there was heavy overcast so the pictures where a struggle . Distorted pictures will also be uploaded in the raw and will be processed and cleaned up in the future and reposted below .

Sunny days are better for picture taking but I never had sunny days  , these Langara Island pictures are blurry due to weather low light as the low tide is daylight , boat is moving fighting currents  etc etc  if you click too fast the pictures are all blurry because of loading time . If I leave blurry pictures out people accuse me of hiding species so we have no choice but to post them so we can try to have a debate .

 Part  1