Reactor 1  

This is Unit 1 , it blew its top and its fuel pool went dry then caught fire and its reactor core has left the building  .

Reactor 2

This is Unit 2 , its reactor bottom has broken off and the core is missing and the fuel pool burned and melted .

Reactor 3

This is Unit 3 the most important one with the notorious Mox Fuel Reactor . Reactor 3 is considered over 2 million times more deadly than any other reactor on earth . As you can see the 10 story reactor build is mostly missing .


Reactor 4

The is Unit 4 and one media likes to claim is undamaged . This reactor core was in the fuel pool at the time of the event and exploded several times .

Reactors 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 Conditions

Reactors 5 & 6

OVER  2000  PICTURES Of FUKUSHIMA : Because of radiation and the fact most were taken by a group consisting of 100s of retired tec experts who selflessly gave their lives , also know as the FUKUSHIMA 50 who carried the cameras in plastic bags to get these shots some of which are grainy  .

 Reactor 3 in top shape