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  British Columbia Canada Before and After Tidal Zone Picture Show A  Extinction Event Playing Out Along The Coast Line . Picture on the right are picture of the same place taken by me on the Fukushima expedition for life .

Fukushima reactor 3 Dome roof is fake and meant to distract you from the nuclear meltdowns and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

reactor 3 headlines and pictures below is so they can not trick you any longer . Please down load and send these videos to you4r friends family and country's teams managers coaches athletics community's volunteers and family members of people planning on going to or  participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics so we can save as many lives as possible and stop these insane people from destroying our future .

Inspired by the attacks from fukushima football club attacking me for the last few weeks , thanks pinheads :O)



Fukushima Story 467.jpg




Below is before after and comparison depiction picture of japans reactors as you can see the fuel pools for reactor 3 and reactor 4 are also gone . The fuel pools are where they store the reactor cores for decades waiting for them to cool down enought to transfer to a common spent pool  on the ground where they sit for decades .

The picture of the perfect green fuel pools have been PORTRAYED by Tepco UNIVERSITY'S media and World govt's  as reactor 4 fuel pool , you can see those pools are not there . They are hiding this for a reason and its not because its harmless its the complete OPPOSITE . 

These are picture post fukushima of BC Canada Dundas islands group coast line low tidal zones , as you can see the species are literally all gone and not coming back . At the bottom of the page is many headlines to help you understand more of these facets . Sadly its a complicated event due to the constant lies by university's govts media and the nuclear industry has already saddled me with 6 gag orders in a attempt to silence my criticism  .