How Radiation In Jet Streams from Fukushima Works

Fukushima Radiation from the Jet Stream traveling at 100 MPH covers 2400 Miles in 24 hour meaning radioactive fallout reached north America in 3 days  . It covered North America in 7 days and blanketed North America in 40 Days it never slowed down till November but even today emissions are rising into the environment  . The first 5 frames below are from health Canada showing the Fukushima radioactive plume inundating B.C. Canada March 19th & 29th . Its important to note when you see Cs137 there was 100 times more Strontium 90 where you see Iodine 131 also called I-131 there was 10 times more Iodine -132 . Iodine 133  ionizes your thyroid glad 8 times more effectively than Iodine 131. When you see Iodine 131 consider there was 30 times more Iodine 133 thats how nuclear scientist trick you . None of these elements travel alone when you see one then they are all there .