This is day 14 October 1st 2014 on the beaches out of 30 odd days and every day is starting to run together as we search the tidal pools for life because the life there is the most vulnerable , tuna and fish are way up the food chain we look at the nursery of the ocean  . It is hard to get bandwidth anywhere we go but that doesn,t mean we did not go that day . This day we went to the outside of the west coast from Coal Harbor it was gusting 30 to 35 km and we ran into 15 to 20 ft sea swell . We nosed our way in behind a broken group of rocks with a few trees on them little to no birds , certainly we never see birds feeding anywhere ever and found 3 spots in 4 hours where the crew could get ashore . 

I always hang around those areas at these spots in the boat and get pictures of the exposed rocks and coast lines and that allows me to know where I can pick them up or if i have to do a  extraction in case of rogue waves   .   When you consider the ideal conditions and habitat for life in those perfectly exposed areas . It is exceptional that again we see no white sea anemones or any mix of the 70 species of sea anemones .

When it comes to sea anemones throughout the coast green sea anemones has become the only thing for cameras but they are not everywhere just one percent of the places the crew walks through that are emblematic of every were we after leaving Georgia Strait where there was little to no life . I,ll fix this up when I get a better internet tomorrow . I,ll try to get a few choice picture up in lower resolution tonight because we have only one bar on the wireless . 


We took today off and fixed the trailer and the back brakes on the truck it cost 50 bucks and we done the work . The trailer cost 40 bucks worth of bolts and a friend gave me the parts and hopefully that solves some main issues  . Tomorrow we will move the show over to the east side to avoid the weather .  We raised enough for a kicker on the boat and in a few days the donation is here so we are searching for a appropriate motor and Simon has a new bracket at home so we might try to get that . This was a big issue for me because we have no one to count on out there and the kicker allows us a amazing amount of latitude .

Just a reminder all the pictures above are lower resolution just so I could make the page and put something here for context because i,m restricted by bandwidth  . I will upload the raw files below when I get a connection and we will get a decent site to upload the underwater footage at the same time and we have lots .

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