Day 20 I went to browning pass by myself browning pass was one of the top ten diving destinations . I left a little after 5 am and put first hour and 20 mins on the kicker at low speeds until it was light enough to run fast and then switched engines . I am able to leave the other engine down and use it to steer the boat when the kicker is running because I can tension up the swing , so its a bonus because the big one can overpower it if need be and the little one will stay strait , its very effective .

I need 10 hours and a oil change above and below before I can run it full speed for a bit . and another 20 hours and oil changes before I can run it full speed constantly . With the amazing tides in BC Imight very well need that extra power in the kicker so I still have to get another 28 1/2 hours on it so it can stand most of the things nature might throw at it . Besides the fact it saved me from a fast falling tide pushing me on a submerged rock pile on its second day with less than 7 mins on the engine by simple pulling my bow around for 30 seconds was breathtaking and amazingly satisfying .

The first few pictures are dark the sun was still rising and I tried the spotlight and it was too light to matter . The famous passage had 1000s of BABY white sea anemones for a short stretch of the coast line all out of the water . Bizarrely there was no adult whites out of the water or visible anywhere i,m sure they are there somewhere .  Ask yourself why is there baby's white sea anemones out of the water and no adults did the adults kick them out for being too white .

We never seen white  sea anemones anywhere else out of the water on the coast line except up here in one of the Worlds most famous places browning pass . White sea anemones should populate the entire tidal zones of the 26,000 mile coast line and they are missing from the low tidal zones like everything else . Every warf piling should be peppered with white sea anemones , they can clone themselves and are known to have 500 members in cubic meter all around this coast line .Your ferry terminals pre fukushima where loaded with them now those pilings are empty like the coast line .

The pictures are screen captures of some of the pictures to give people context of that day . Due to it being so hard to get internet anywhere we go its easy to see how hard it is to start a business or do anything with data while traveling it consumes every spare second of every day just to do a little . When we get a real internet the original raw files will be below bla blas bla  .