Day 21 we had Chevi Novak jump on a few beaches and get some good footage
Chevi is a friend for the last decade and brought me a guitar a few months before I started this trip . I don,t particularly like going out on the ocean by myself so its not to bad to look for life on a beach and then  take a picture when you find it .

We went out into the open channels and picked our way into a rock pile at a low tide and found a new algae we never seen before and white sea anemones no not on rocks on the shore line fukushima has wiped them out like everything else that use to dominate the nursery of the ocean and is now missing permanently from BC Canada .

 I took a lot of underwater pictures and most never turned out it was thunder and lightning dark and cloudy . I had to Urchin divers harvesting close by and when I seen them on the boat I asked them was there very many sea cucumbers a diver who had just climbed into the boat said very few . I asked him could he pick a 1000lb here , he laughed and said no there really was just a few . You should be able to pick a 1000lb of them anywhere in BC and if there is Urchins it seems impossible that there is so little Sea cucumbers .

As usual the pictures are screen captures because its impossible to get real internet and I like for people to have some context of each day as soon as possible and this works for now . I will upload all the raw files below in the future if I ever get a real connection .