They tell you the fools pool is in the top floor of each reactor  , can you spot the top floor of unit 3 above where they claim they will remove bundles of rods from the spent fuel pool is located , i,m having a hard time finding them in that official picture from Tepco  an d i bet so are you .  join me for the reason why they try so hard to sell that lie in every media on the planet and so much more .  .

Video link below to the 24 hour live broadcast about fukushima and the expedition for life starts 12 noon june 16th 2015 for 24 hours till june 17th . Please consider at three mile island the chain reaction lasted 5 days and stopped on its own .

chernobyl lasted 10 days and stopped on its own yet was equal to 400 HIROSHIMA bombs they still can not eat the meat of drink milk  in CERTAIN parts of the UK . if the chain reaction never stopped AFTER 10 days it would be equal to over 400,000 HIROSHIMA BOMBS but it didn,t it stopped after 10 days . 


Fukushima didn,t stop 1600 plus days later 3 full melt downs each reactor is 3 times bigger each reactor is 100& melt downs not 30% like chernobyl now do you get it .