A Major Nuclear Meeting This Week To Nullify Linear No-Threshold (LNT) Threat To All Life On Earth

For 3 days this week apologist for the nuke mass murdering machine will attempt to nullify

Linear No-Threshold (LNT) making it vanish along with common sense . This is sedition , a betrayal a reckless attack upon all 8 million species on earth . You have a responsibility to stop the ghouls of the nuke industry from killing our future with hideous man made radiation .

Below is a video full of study’s I streamed today showing radiation is not harmless , no one on earth have ever compiled a video that educates you so easy and effortlessly .

The American Nuclear Society and the Health Physics Society are hosting an international forum of nuclear and radiation lapdog attack dogs this week to whitewash existing low dose protection standards into the history books , this is sedition and a cowardly attack on all life on earth .

By Nuclear Expert Dana Durnford aka TheNuclearProctologist Oct 1st 2018

Sep 15th 2018 China Nuclear Plants Fuel Pools To Take Direct Hit From Typhoon Mangkhut

Reactor cores in pools have no containment and are stored in vulnerable unprotected Fuel Pools that are no different than the pools at your local swimming facility's . Many reactors keep the insidiously deadly nuclear Fuel at the top of many nuclear reactor buildings . This flaw also making them impossible to contain when they have a event because the building fills up with lethal radiation . The fuel pools can melt down like in Japan if exposed to air caused by damage to the pool or equipment .

Since Fukushima has brutally contaminated the pacific ocean for so many years resulting in heating the pacific ocean up to 7 degrees warmer . Typhoons now exceed 200 MPH on land since Fukushima we have seen many Hurricanes Typhoons Cyclones exceed 200 MPH winds on land and those kinds of winds can will turn large objects into projectiles that can compromises the fuel pools components and equipment. You can have a 1000 nuclear employees on site but none of them can get within 2 football fields of a fuel pool fire because of lethal gamma shine , X-Rays and Neutron Burst .

Fact is nuclear employees by proxy have to run away if there is a fire or shelter in a safe zone where food and water is already stored for those kinds of emergency . Its too dangerous to breath the air on site if they have a fire at a spent fuel pool with decades of fuel .

The sobering part is you would have to evacuate millions locally permanently and destroy all the farms and crops for years etc etc . That's the part the industry never mentions , you can run these plants for 50 years or 50 days and if you have a accident you destroyed everything permanently for millions of victims .

Potassium pills are always hyped as some magic elixir for radiation but potassium pills do not stop radiation from sequestering in your organs or bones causing terminal illnesses to humans and animals . Potassium can never mitigate a illness , potassium is used to deceive the endless victims to protect the reputation of Nuclear . The current generation of Nuclear academics have never even tried to create a robot for Chernobyl so why would people think they would or could for any other accident .

History has taught us one thing for certain when they have a nuclear accident every one runs away . The homeless are sent in instead of Yale University . Day workers are sent in instead of MIT Nuclear scientist . Migrants who do not speak the language are sent in instead of Stanford University . And while Harvard University nuclear academics plays Polo the victims of society become the real Heroes .

Speaking out against nuclear comes with a heavy price . Dana Durnford aka The Nuclear Proctologist is currently under 6 gag orders from Canadian Govt in a spinless attempt to silence him .

This video I made a few days ago helps to explain what happens in the event of a nuclear power plant melt down

Bizarre ! Taiwan To Have A Referendum On Allowing Fukushima Food Instead Of Nuclear Science

Bizarre ! Taiwan to have a referendum on Allowing Fukushima Food Instead of Nuclear Science

Have you heard the story about a country voting to eat food grown in a place where people are not allowed to live , where the insects and animals have disappeared and the vegetation is heavily mutated due to massive nuclear fallout .  No ? Well strap your self's in and chew those finger nails as Taiwan is forced to have a vote due to Taiwan's nuclear industry lapdogs have a death grip strangle hold on reality on something that is deadly on the atomic level forever that doesn,t need a vote or a dinner table .  .   

 University's Media and Scientist are not allowed to criticize nuclear for 70 years and Taiwan is no different  ( not that they would or have  )  or they would just say no in between the laughter at such a absurd idea as feeding food grown in nuclear waste land right along side of 30 million one ton bags of radiation already gathered up to people   . 

Oh by the way the melted reactors are still hemorrhaging into the environment recontaminating the same farms 24/7 for 7 years with no end in sight but do not ask Shizuya Fukuoka from Taipei Bureau to be a journalist . Do not ask you media to have nuclear scientist to debate the logic or implications of eating a single hot atom  . 

 No no no why take the moral rout no for people to be protected they have to send the country's most technical difficult question to lovely Ma and Pa kettle . The very people who have been feed a lie that nuclear is like a banana and potato chips their entire life . Now turn to the lying machine Shizuya Fukuoka and the Taipei Bureau to help them understand that nuclear is not like a banana or potato chip or walking in sunshine or getting on a airplane like Taipei Bureau have told them for their entire existence so they can be Journalist in the loved ones eyes seems surreal to be alive and witness this actually happening . 

Those voters have been told their entire life nuclear waste is like a climbing a mountain and sleeping next to someone and coming into contact with a nuclear contaminated spider and poof their beloved super hero spiderman was created . Mind you those same people do not understand they had to evacuate Handford nuclear sites cafeteria because of radiated hot fruit flies and hot wasp flying around landing on food forced people to flee parts of the site  ( don,t want too many spidermen running around I guess ). 

 The Hulk is one of many many so called heroes because he came in contact with radiation from nuclear industry . The lesson for people is nuclear is a good thing that makes normal people super heroes . 

So then Shizuya Fukuoka and the Taipei Bureau when refusing to be journalist and tricking everyone into voting instead of having journalist show how ingesting even tiny amounts a single time can cause up to 2000 illnesses before cancer shows up then i,m the bad person for pointing that out because journalist refuse to be journalist k got it  . 

I probably got it all wrong maybe in the journalist self centered egotistic pompous world they think by feeding radiated food from a nuclear waste land they will create a country of super humans like the Hulk and Spiderman and they become heroes for not being journalist at least that makes sense . 
Catch the live show or replay right here  

 This story is written by  Nuclear Expert Dana Durnford who is a well known nuclear researcher that recently returned from a 4 month ocean voyage showing the damage to the Canadian BC coast line from Fukushima nuclear meltdowns ..  

Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Species Count Sailing Expedition Prepares To Head To Sea

The next Scientific Research Expedition leaves March 31st 2018 for a ambitious 7 month species count .  We will travel by sailboat with 2 zodiacs to the most northern tip of Canada and attempt to record document the entire coast line at low tide .  



My previous  expeditions in 2014 and 2015 covering 15,000 miles over 260 days have shown only 100 species in the tidal zones versus the 7000 know highly visible species that should be there .  The previous year before leaving on Fukushima expeditions I streamed daily at my site a live blog sharing  50 to 100 plus headlines . We took our time for a entire year breaking down the scientific data of the nuclear meltdown and pacific ocean mass die off events  never running blind always providing the documention .


We have confirmation of numerous continuous large radiation clouds inundating Canadian and North American entire coast lines and continents after the nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear fallout .

Pretending it never happen will solve nothing considering when it threatens all life on earth not just humans .  Decades of nuclear lies are now exposed for the fraud they are and the price is traitorously high for both sides .  There is no winners in this only hope at the end of this disharmonious rainbow . 

I will risk my life all day every day for the next 7 months so that just maybe you and your loved ones and the other 8 million species can have a future   .  I will be at sea for weeks at a time fighting the elements daily until the job is done . 

Seeming as all I am doing is just trying to confirm and share the documentation of the Canadian Coast Tidal Zones you known the nursery of the pacific ocean it confuses me how that could make me a demon   . And despite the 6 Gag Orders the nuclear industry in B.C. Canada saddled me with last year for 3 1/2 years what then do I get another 6 Gag orders ?  Withstanding brutal attempts to stop me silence me and vilify me for several years daily ,  taking pictures videos and underwater footage should never be a crime .

For the most part when in ports or where I can find or buy internet to upload videos and short documentation pictures of the trip as it happens I will . We have new cameras black-magic for interviews . 


We also have underwater remote control gimbal camera that is 4k  and has 4 hrs diving recording ability and 4k drone guaranteeing a incredible variably amount of scientific research documentation . All pictures and videos and documentation are then free for any use when expedition are completed .


  Your donation will help us sustain this most resource-intensive form of forensic investigative journalism, ensuring that the most complex and important stories still get told.
 paypal   https://www.paypal.me/danadurnford
or use credit card at my site  http://www.thenuclearproctologist.org/



                                                                           Sincerely yours - Dana Durnford 





Fukushima Reactor 3 Dome Roof is Fake To Trick Tokyo Olympics 2020 Particpants

   The story starts with tepco announcing that they have a dome roof over reactor 3 in Fukushima that they also confirm meltdown . Then the story takes a incredible twist where weirdo umm I mean Tepco announces they invited media journalist to go ton the top of the melted reactor . First off you can not go on top of a melted nuclear reactor yet media was stupid enough to provide a obviously fake video see it here (     Fake News - Media fakes representatives walking on top of the No. 3 reactor building
at the Fukushima  http://bit.ly/2nr8K7t    )


Below are pictures and headlines of Fukushima melted  Reactor 3 building showing the reactor core and fuel pools have been destroyed and blown out of the buildings . This means you would have to ludicrously insane to even consider going to Japan or eat food from Japan . The Olympic coaches planning on taking their athletes to Japan should be tried with attempted murder or at least fired  . How can even a single coach let alone all of them be stupid enough to even consider exposing their athletes to guarantee illnesses and cancers after and even during the Olympics  .


Fukushima Story 468.jpg


It is time to throw off the shackles of deceit and gut up to the facts they tricked you and manipulated you concerning the meted reactors in Japan .  How can people ignore the dangers any longer how can people be so blind ??  Well the documentation is below if your still on the fence after looking over the info below then you truly are a idiot and incompetent and have murderous intent .

You have to cancel the Olympics in Japan and find another venue before its too late because I can assure you Tepco and the idiot Olympic committee knows the pictures below are real and are refusing to protect you or the athletes or show you the information  .

Please thank the Fukkushima Football club for attacking vilifying demonizing and smearing me for the last few weeks because if not these picture would never exist .



Links below here show how media works together to decieve everyone and the particpants and athletes of the Tokyp 2020 olympics


( NHK Fake News On Reactor 3 ) Fukushima plant reactor gets new roof cover

( The Asahi Shimbun Fake News Story On Reactor 3 Fuel pool ) Roof completed for removal of spent fuel rods at Fukushima plant   http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201802210037.html

Once severely damaged Fukushima reactor building opened to media to showcase progress

Fake News - Worst-hit reactor at Fukushima may be easiest to clean up
http://bit.ly/2nook1g  The Associated Press Mari Yamaguchi lies constantly
Daisuke Hirose Mari Yamaguchi on Twitter at twitter.com/mariyamaguchi

Fake News - Media fakes representatives walking on top of the No. 3 reactor building
at the Fukushima when that part can not even exist   http://bit.ly/2nr8K7t



Yes Climate Change is Real But Its Not What Your Told




The climate has changed dramatically in the last 5 plus years because of Fukushima . Nuclear does not stop creating energy even millions of years after its released , certainly not in our lifetime . The atomic atoms do not have a off switch it will always release energy every second of every minute for millions of years .

When it is in the ocean the energy pulses every second and is transformed into warmer oceans , a gram has a million watts and just because you atomized it and dispersed it will not change that equation .

 Fukuhsima has saturated the atmosphere and in particular the pacific ocean causing a fast moving extinction event now documented at my site thenuclearproctologist.org .

Oil Gas Coal when released do not continue to produce energy but nuclear does . That is why they have terrorist laws that is why they have nuclear holding sites etc etc .

All nuclear plants are boiling close to a million gallons of water a min , each glass of water has a billion creatures , a tenth of the glass about a 100 million creatures are phytoplankton . They are the very basic of the food chain the oxygen chain the biggest part of the carbon sequestering chain etc etc .

The inconceivable amounts of nuclear waste just in the ocean from Fukushima multiply meltdowns per building via 10 years of fuel in storage pools above the reactors is like a snowstorm that pulses every second in the ocean from the surface to the ocean floor .

Japan is also burning the nuclear waste in incinerators full time throughout the country causing a environmental nightmare on its own but a terrorist would got to jail for life for doing it to a gram of the same material . We can not even create a dirty bomb that could mimic such releases, it truly is impossible .

Consider every animal in millions of study over 70 years died of vicious cancers, it was never used to try to cure them it was only used to kill them , apparently you can not cure cancer with another cancer , gee go figure .

For the last 4 years in western Canada the great rocky mountain glaciers are missing . That cold water running down tot he ocean in the summers would regulate the streams rivers estuary and the Canadian coast lines and tidal zones .

That cold water was necessary for insects trout and endless species . Now is missing like those dependent on the cold water to regulate those environments are decimated or missing . It will take 1000s of years for glaciers to build back up to Pre Fukushima levels but the radiation has to disappear first .

The super cell storms are a direct result of the death of the pacific ocean and the radiation in it producing energy constantly like a invisible fire that can not be put out , Typhoons hitting land masses even city's at 230 mph gusting 270 mph are now common when it wasn,t even conceivable 5 years ago .

Storms grow faster, they are larger they have longer sustaining winds then Pre Fukushima levels despite attempts to play them down by media hacks .

Taiwan Philippines China 2 weeks ago got hit with 230 mph sustained from Super Typhoon Meranti . South Korea hit with 233 mph winds over the last few days , Hurricane Matthew ripped Haiti apart with gust exceeding 200 mph .

The Philippines suffered with 230 mph sustained winds during Super Typhoon Haiyan with over 6000 dead 40 provinces stripped of trees and homes and roads from 240 mph winds that where then turned into projectiles , over 15 million homeless . 


If we do not stop these reactors we will all find our self's on a slack tightrope between two sinking ships when the gales of Fukushima come calling .

Oh Fukushima We Hardly Knew You : Earths Final Obiturary

Oh Fukushima, we hardly knew you: Earths Final Obituary

       Before reading this it can help to know Banana's Potato Chips have potassium 40 its natural and good for you but scientist insist on using normal everyday harmless stupid background radiation every time they open their pie holes about NUCLEAR .Their crutch is natural potassium 40 when describing anything nuclear to muddle the subject before they talk big shot NUCLEAR. By the way Potassium 40 is scientifically homeostasis they know that. Your body can not aggregate any more potassium 40 than it already has nor can anything else on earth including rocks food flys bla bla bla .

       Consider if you took a gram of Potassium and a gram of C147 Well the potassium 40 per gram produces .0000071of a curie or 10 million of a curie and a curie is 37 Billion atoms so 162,000 atoms per gram .  Well man made cesium 137 produces 88 Curies or 88 time 37,000,000,000.0000071 man made radioactive atoms per gram . The Fukushima reactors had 5 million pounds per reactor every 18 months for 25 years . I can fill my home up with banana's potato chips and they can not hurt me . But if I was to fill myhouse up with man made fuel rods that have gone through a chain reaction then it will melt my organs in a few minutes or less if I can get close enough before I die.

       Everything that comes from a Nuclear plant is man made from refined uranium ,  its after it goes through a chain reaction that these elements are consider a dirty bomb . That is because we created it , it is similar to natural elements but has their own atomic weight that is not created by the sun or solar system hence the designated atomic names like plutonium 241 americium 239 or the 12,000 plus other isotopes we created that's why we have nuclear laws
 and nuclear waste sites bla bla bla .  

       Ok you got that now if you happened to be reading the news or watching TV, and mass media said terrorist's detonated banana's potato chips and canned sunshine in subways simultaneously in major city's around the world that very day .  Consider you lived in one of those city's, would you panic , would you shelter in place would you skedaddle would you duck and cover .

       Should those governments bring in quintessential elite radiation authority's with the bling bling hazmat suits. Do banana's potato chips walking in sunshine warrant special isolation containers to transport the banana's, potato chips fragments and potato chip dust contaminated materials to a secure waste isolation plant that has the special handling facility . Special Sites able to manage elements as volatile as banana's and potato chips canned
 sunshine or iron ore with natural unprocessed Uranium might seem like a daunting task but we should try .

       Will billions immediately be spent on relocation decontamination remediation will these sites be designated as no go zones.  Will wild life birds etc etc wandering from those areas be destroyed to protect the species outside the exclusion zones where the land can never be sold or used for 1000s of years .  Should all the farm animals be seized isolated sacrificed by scientist to study . Would we get free healthcare to deal with the brutal effects of bananas and potato chips if affected . By law if the answer is yes to any of the above the government has to decree and provide so you only drink bottled water now that terrorist blew up bananas and potato chips in your city . How did terrorist's get their hands on banana's and potato chips in the first place will be debated for years and used by the anti nukers to attack the nuclear industry perpetually .

Yet the big question should be with all the technology we have why do we not monitor those natural emitterslike potassium 40 . More importantly who do we blame for this and how do we stop terrorist for blowing up Banana's Potato Chips with Potassium 40in our city's schools malls theaters concerts .If people understood how easy it is for a terrorist to blow up banana's on transportation venues the would end up turning continental corridors into no go zones if they figure out how dangerous banana's Potato Chips really are . Too me it seems clean we have to ban banana's potato chips walking in sunshine its just to risky to have these deadly incredibly insignificant mildly radioactive non carcinogenics elements unregulated .

Would you report your Muslim neighbors because you saw them in the supermarket in the
banana section just the day before . When you think about it, you never did trust Muslims for resenting your country for firing 5.5 million bullets a month, and a bomb a minute every day for 9 years to get what 10,000 Taliban bad guys for something they supposedly did to you . The politician say that 5 million orphans millions missing,presumed dead, millions in refugee camps millions homeless no pensions patents no infrastructure for 39 millions people in Afghanistan and Iraq is a small price to pay for revenge against 10,000 Taliban .

       Its been 5 very long years now since the Fukushima Event has had its way with this planet .Like a lot of good citizens we sit in Purgatory still waiting for a nuclear scientist to defect from the secret brotherhood of nuclear banana potato chip walking in sunshine ranks to tell the actual story of Fukushima meltdowns so this entire planet can get on the same page for the first time in history and try to stop these melted reactors before we lose the planet . 

No not this species called humans we buzz around lost in the 5th dimension called media
 that has billions under its thumb. That feed the masses global warming ideology from climate scientist pundits environmentalist claiming nuclear is green clean and oh yea too too cheap to meter . A climate scientist is someone who went to school to apologize professionally for nuclear events accidents setbacks delays over budget and to promote nuclear as the solution in every aspect of their profession . These are the people with a eduction to know nuclear waste is not like a banana potato chip walking in sunshine getting on a air plane yet these are the examples they used every time a comparison is sought .

       Media is still calling the radiation releases from 3 melt downs each that are 3 times the size of Chernobyl each 100 percent melt downs Chernobyl was a 30 percent melt down . Chernobyl stopped after ten days and killed all 600 of the helicopter pilots something you will not see but I have showed the video during my live streams many times from Harvard University . 4 days after Fukushima saying those words and saying all 4 reactors where destroyed including fuel pools .
       Japan lost 4 fools pools at Fukushima that where all full of reactor cores some call it fuel rods to confuse people because the reactors every 2 years get stored in the fools pools above the reactors so it is times more than 1000s of Chernobyl .

       Media is still gobbledygook claiming effects are localized to Fukushima prefecture some even the plant and most are claiming Tokyo is not radiated like the rest of the Japan . Media is still claiming there was only one plume that was nothing short of a miracle went out over the ocean when the plumes never stopped coming out of there .
      The Slangwhanger Media is still claiming man made radiation is like a banana potato chip walking in sunshine getting on air planes unless a terrorist gets it . Media is still claiming there is no injuries to people from Nuclear anywhere including Fukushima Prefecture . Media is still rigmarole claiming the jet streams are not real therefore they can not travel here is 3 days .
Media is still claiming the ocean currents are not real therefore they do not travel here in 45 days at 5 mph . The nuclear vomitory is still claiming scientist have fixed Fukushima when only the homeless and immigrants who don,t speak the language are there and the technology to find it doesn,t exist and claims scientist fixed it.
       Nuclear Scientist , the nuke industry Pundits , bloggers and the worst species on earth the marine chemist yes they are their own species They are hocus-pocus when it comes to neutrality objectivity or impartiality and will gladly use their authority as a academic sitting professors to lull people into consuming contaminated products to hide the contaminated product defects by the way that's murder in the 1st and dispicable .

       ATTENTION Disclaimer: Any and all Banana's Potato Chips Iron Ore portrayed mentioned here are not based upon any Living Banana's Potato Chips or their Family Members or Pets who are all victims of vicious nuclear propaganda against them and their loved ones.


       Final Note : Throw the TV Subscription out , the average person only has to see the nuclear puke machine on a little box in their home one time from cable TV with the painted PR puppetry to lure them into that 5th dimension . Growing up with TV is like growing up on heavy drugs you become the purveyor of Industrial Public relations firms no foul no harm apologist .
       They are not there to rebuild a person who was unjustly slandered but to manipulate and lull you and yourloved ones into a trance of blissful trust in a spineless shameless heartless soul less cowardly demented destructive called Nuclear Corporate Person Hood .  



How Can Nuclear Scientist Academics Media Apologist Sleep At Night

What is the use of nuclear technology if all it does is destroy everything it touches . Why have it on the planet when we can not build anything to contain it , the Nobel gasses will detonate it if not released  . Everything on nuclear waste sites is vented into your community , all the time . Or worst criminally dumped into the ground like Hanford 450 billion gallons in the 50s and 60s . Right now they have right now 41 miles of open pits full of nuclear waste they couldn,t deal with leaching constantly into the water tables and environment is unimaginable when they decry terrorist releasing the same amounts into community's .  Nuclear money and destruction of everything is allowed hell its encouraged while descending narratives decrying the discrepancy are not considered are afforded a debate . Its a spineless mockery of the meaning of life .

Reactors have creepily named the place where they keep their used hot cores as spent fuel pools , yet the fuel pools are full of nuclear cores that are by no means spent . Each pool boils off at least 120,000 liters of highly radioactive material a day into your community's from the cracks created by the semi chain reaction on fuel rods, a full chain reaction is a melt down like Fukushima . The only perpetual machine on the planet is nuclear waste , it perpetually kills all  8.8 million species on this planet for millenniums .

 It doesn,t stop there no no no , reactors boil a million gallons a minute every minute to keep cool think about this . A glass of salt water has 75 to 100 million phytoplankton the very basic of the food and oxygen chain . Plus all the other creatures in that glass , divide a glass into a million gallons a minute a day 1440 minutes in a day and how much life larvae small fry's and critters does a single reactor boil to death a minute a day a week a year ,decade after decade relentlessly remorselessness emotionless,  how can that be good   . Go down by your reactors shorelines and flip over a few rocks and watch the system demonize you accusing you of disturbing the environment aka ex habitat .

Why would the nuclear community tell this entire planet for 70 years it is like bananas potato chips walking in sunshine dental and chest x rays flying in airplanes etc etc when it is nothing like them what so ever it never was it never will be it could never be . If it was why do they need billions a year for nuclear waste . Why are there laws and constant media bashing about dirty bombs  . They never equate nuclear accidents releasing massive amounts of radiation  in your environment with dirty bombs they say bananas potato chips air planes walking in sunshine getting a bath till your numb .

What do they have to hide about nuclear waste that they pull the wool over everyone's eyes for 7 decades with bananas potato chips air plane nonsense and it is pure nonsense ,constant outrageous lies and brainwashing nonsense . From the institutions academics university's and media , news papers and educational TV programs .
How come media never ever called them on it a single time when that would have been the sincere thing to do . Why did media enforced these deceptions with grafts and props and dialogs that are blatantly disingenuous . Why do university's repeat the same banana potato walking in sunshine flying in airplanes constantly when it comes to terrorism its bad dangerous
scary and da T Terr Terrorist could destroy city centers with makeshift dirty bombs . The reactors themselves are by definition terrorist wet dream dirty bombing community's full of people and nothing can contain it once they switch them on all the T Terr Terrorist had to do was leave them alone is sad and true .  
There is no future anyway , nuclear critters have to lie about every aspect of nuclear already to get a pay check , thanks to Fukushima they can kiss their pensions goodbye. They need some good old fear mongering the terrorist will get a dirty bomb and some how scratch a few more paychecks but  nuclear is done , its pure evil it has no good side ,it wrecks everything good there is no where on the planet to put what we created as it is . If we don,t stop Fukushima reactors soon this planet will wake up in a bad way and nothing can contain the blow-back not even Ebola will sooth the savage beast of desperation .

Fukushima will kill the entire Pacific Ocean

  Day 18 on the beaches we hit Pine Island off the north east top of Vancouver Island and several other islands in a 75 km 7 hour trip .We stayed out till dark it took about 80 minutes to ride back with a full moon hid behind the heavy rain clouds . We still only found just a small handful of kelp and algae out of 600 known species . We have to hunt to find any species to take a picture of . The chances of finding the same species anywhere else is tiny we still never seen any sea cucumbers or sea squirts or sea fans or large snails or rocks full of snails and limpets etc etc or life in tidal pools . Underwater life is clinging for the time being but we are not even trying to stop fukushima the homeless are but they can,t read or write . 

Out of 70 species of sea anemones we have found 5 species collectively throughout the coast lines but only 2 species on these Islands today and they are very few and very random . The white sea anemones adults are still missing off the rocks along the shore line around the BC Canadian coast but how interesting we found baby white sea anemones in Browning Pass, on rocks for 300 ft out of the water , yet we never seen white sea anemones anywhere else out of water like they use to be for millions of years pre Fukushima .

We see all along Vancouver island coast line only 5 species of star fish out of 64 known local species that were everywhere pre Fukushima . Did you know Fukushioma really happened and the Jet Streams are real,  yea go figure .Did you know that three reactor are bleeding and hemorrhaging into the pacific ocean 24/7 - 365 days a year and that the media and nuclear crazy apologist use numbers from a single release from a single reactor and have never included the ongoing massive plumes pouring into the sea every freaking day and into the jet stream from three 100% melt downs and melt outs all day every day unrelenting .

While the nuclear gatekeepers stab the whole planet in the head for a few more pay checks before it all come out that Fukushima really did happen, I know right   . The jokers who claim nuclear is harmless and that the ocean is fine are the most disgusting heartless monsters the world has ever seen .

       I see the Public relation nuclear fleas are biting everything good and peeing themselves whenever we post pictures of BC tidal pools that are empty . This is the same inbreed group of maggots who said a banana was more radioactive than nuclear waste to children for decades . The new one is life never existed on the BC coast line and that is why there is no life in the tidal pools . BC coast line doesn,t get crushed by thick pack ice every-year like the east coast where 1000s of miles of ice scrub the Atlantic coast line bare . The ocean itself is a soup of life and will seed every scrap of shoreline with life it encounters when the ice recedes in spring and life from deeper will crawl up and fill every crevice , if you sink a ship it will turn into a smorgasbord of life because that is how the ocean use to works.

In BC life accumulates in every millimeter of its 26,000 km shore line , after all it was the nursery of the ocean. The B..C entire coast lines biodiversity is well known because all university's have spent millions and millions and millions categorizing and counting the species around BC coast lines for decadesmany times over . I guess that is why the nuclear apologist now say my pictures do not mean anything because people might just go to the BC university's and look for those easy to find surveys in BC university's library's .

I can only wonder at what point of extinction will it take before the world cares because by the looks of it the only ones who reject fukushima is real are the ones with the most to lose like the filthy maggot apologist for the nuclear industry that have infested every aspect of university's and media . These people know the difference their job is to attack the truth and cover up the death of the pacific ocean . All nuclear scientist and apologist will be hated for ever and ever for being the very definition of vicious malicious monsters in their loved ones eyes .

Fukushima the price of unaccountability

If nuclear waste is really like a banana and potato chips and walking in the sunshine why do they need nuclear waste sites .  Why not use potato chips and banana`s instead for nuclear reactors or to create stupid weapons or even stupider scientist .  It is a legitimate question . Banana`s potato chips and walking in the sunshine just to name a few of the constant lies by your favorite media are so far removed from nuclear elements those media and scientist that regurgitates it endlessly are without reserve monsters in every sense of the word . For academics to lie constantly surely they deserve no respect certainly their contempt for you is blatantly disrespectful despicable . The accredited scientist ability to lie so bold face on radios on TV in main stream news without moderation from academics or media is shocking but necessary and vital to the future of all media and academics  . 

The word hemorrhaging in hospitals means emergency and priority care ya . Yet the 3 melted reactors and fuel pools that served as storage of old reactor cores at Fukushima are all missing and remnants and vicious byproducts are still and forever hemorrhaging into the pacific ocean . Our atmosphere and our entire environment seems to mean little or nothing to our academics or media . They will say its like a banana or sunshine or flying in a airplane when thoose have zero to do with nuclear , they are outrageous misdirections and misrepresentations of the most disingenuous degrees

Everything in Chernobyl was studied to death , the animals insects people pets grass pigs fish and still is . Not only that but remarkably boring academics wishing to join pro nuclear public relation firms will continue to be funded by your taxes to carry our endless study's in Chernobyl that will forever be referred to by academics and media verbatim as no harm done .  Fukushima reactor 3 alone not counting the fuel pool is openly admitted by media to be millions of times worst  than any reactor on this planet bar nothing . That is because of the hideous Mox fuel used in the missing reactor 3 melted and missing core was consisting of old nuclear missiles already unstable from the chain reaction and sitting in a bunker for decades .

The disposition from Fukushima air born fallout should be viewed as`the reality that it takes 3 days for the aerosol and atomized reactors and fuel pools to start to reach north America .  All the official ocean and air dispersal models from university's and govberment around the world are based upon a single reactor not three reactors being melted down with melt through and melt outs nor the 4 spent fuel pools full of reactor cores hemorrhaging into the air and ocean all day every day no not at all just a single plume from one reactor . These gross disgusting university's academic and media maggots kept it hidden by always saying its just a plume and they are tracking it , in reality its a new plume 1440 minutes a day every day forever .

The people that say banana potato chips airplanes and walking in sunshine are the most dangerous people on earth they will be hopefully be vilified forever . Their names i,m assuming will never be spoken without contempt in the next few years even by their own loved ones . They will never have a pension nor would anyone ever employ them as they have created their own place in society as useless hateful lying destructive twisted chicken neck scum .

Anything from Fukushima that fell west of the rocky mountains and it came at them for 8 months hard core and is still coming washed back towards the Pacific ocean and coast line . Any radioactive fallout on the east side ran towards the Atlantic Ocean coast line .  Don,t worry there was enough radioactive fall out from the three 100 percent melted reactors not to mentions the many many many missing reactors in the spent fuel pool to go around the planet many many times over .

All 8.8 million species on this planet are victims of a ruthless organized media and university's professors graduates etc etc that willingly bait & switch for the public the actual terminology of deadly nuclear waste with harmless insignificant banana`s potato chips and walking in sunshine constantly consistently remorselessly relentlessly . They get the nuclear and marine scientist degree so they can be public relation spin doctors like Woods Hole 800 nuclear apologist for a well funded propaganda machine know as despicable university's and media . Killing this planet and hiding it is the sole purpose of academic and media personality's for their entire career  , its all they do and they never stop . It is now safe to say it will come back to haunt every one of them soon because of Fukushima annihilation of the pacific ocean tidal pools & nursery , they really can,t hide it for much longer its too late they went too far .


How to Spot Pro Nuclear Pr Firms and Other Boot-licking Mass Murdering Crazy Nuclear Lapdogs

 How to Spot Pro Nuclear Pr Firms and Other Boot-licking Mass Murdering Crazy Nuclear Lapdogs

Its simple really ,if your watching or reading main stream media and they use key words while talking nuclear that includes anything containing Potassium 40 like potato chips drinking water or everyday objects its time to switch the program offbefore it programs you .  Of course almost everything on earth has potassium 40 in it but why is it in a conversation about man made ionized radiated elements ,is it a accident ? How difficult is it to tell the difference between a banana and ionized radiated 12 ft nuclear fuel rod is anyone's guess . Radon is another red herring as it also is normal radiation found at insignificant levels throughout earth and is used to cover up nuclear fallout repeatedly in media . Radon is also used to scare homeowners and inundate the innocent with radiation is everywhere mentality . How many home owners have ever died of Radon gas again, oh that's right none but according to experts its a epidemic and it is one of the leading cause of lung cancer right .

Wait a second everything on earth is here because it is genetically superior and because it is acclimated to natural radiation ,bananas will not mutate fruit fly's k. But now WHO says its a major contributor to cancer and we are suppose to believe that life on earth didn,t adapt to Radon or natural radiation umm m'kay. Those assertions are too ridiculous to take serious but a great way to shake down the home building industry and acclimating the trendy's to radiation is everywhere syndrome and have a radiation boogeyman to convoluted man made radiation with   .

 When a nuclear apologist critter spots easy prey or is provided a platform they get strait to work .  Their job as a nuclear lapdog is to throw insignificant terms into the nuclear equation to confuseand distort normal true backgroundradiation with killer man made radiation by constantly repeating the same keywords .

 The viewers and readers have all heard for 70 years how man made radiation is like Banana's from main stream media verbatim . Did you know if you eat a Banana you basically in lay mans terms off gas that potassium 40 like is in banana's because it is homeostasis . Your body can not hold more potassium 40 nothing on earth can. Other popularmisdirections by creepy nuclear crittersis " did you know potatoes have natural radiation in them " once again this is homeostasis its natural and your body is adapted too easily handle that.

Go watch any video of the nuclear apologist they usually only do interviews at nightafter the sun goes down because sunlight can easily destroy their credibility . Once darkness descends you will hear them say " your drinking water has 7500 Bq of natural potassium 40 in it so having 1200 Bq/Kg of man made ionized Cs 137in your food is ok ' .  

But Potassium 40 is irrelevant its homeostasis you off gas the same amount , Cs 137 accumulates its accumulative and its a man made iodized radioactive particle . These atoms and particle do not exist on the moon and the sun doesn,t make them , the sun creates elements we destroy elements they are completely different in every possible way .   

If you ingest man made radiation it causes your body to instantly attack it , it sequesters into your organs and bones . Your body will try to entomb it you call that cancer tumors and as long as its putting out energy your body has a auto immune response to it . That is using up your body's reserves until that tumor is found and removed or well you know .

You will always hear the good old nuclear apologist say you will get more radiation from a Dental or Chest Ex-raysor we all live in a natural radiated environment . Or the radiation from japan is less then you would be getting by flying on a plane from Solar Radiation. If you have ever hear a nuclear expert say any of the abovethen you know your listening too or reading a pro nuclear PR spin doctors . The ocean is too big , it can never make its way over here , or it will take 10 years for the ocean to bring anything across when the jet streams deposited radiation over the entire Northern Hemisphere in less than 7 days and it continued unabated for 7 months . If the ocean currents only travel at 1 mile per hour 24 hours a day its here in 229 days , but it coming out of Fukushima every day pretending its not pouring into the ocean is not a solution   .

 Remember the ocean is not that big when you take into context everyday 300 tons of radioactive water is hemorrhaging into the pacific . Well if it was just one day maybe i could look the other way but its daily for over 1200 days 24 hours a day 1440 minutes a day every day forever . Lets put that into perspective on St Patty's Day some community s pour 25 to 40 pounds of dye into rivers to temporary change the color of the river right . Well what would happen if you poured a 1000 pounds of dye that didn,t lose its color for 100s or 1000s of years in a 5000 mile river every minute of those 1440 minutes in each day for over 1200 days and then got into a plane and flew down that 5000 mile river to see where the dyewent. How far down that 5000 mile river would you have to go before you do not find that the river all the estuaries and lakes and ponds etc etcare not effected by doing that every minute for 1200 days . My guess is everything right to the ocean would be a brightly different color .

 What you need to do is get some distance between the nuclear creature and yourself . Do not I repeat do not crouch down to the same height of nuclear creatures , make yourself look taller as they can attack without provocation and slowly back away as nuclear critters are notorious known to attack from behind . Under no circumstances should you make direct eye contact with nuclear critters , look just above their hairlines because they can control your mind with their eyes and make you say stupid unsubstantiated gibberish like you will get more radiation from a banana than from radioactive fall out anywhere on earth even if you stood in the middle of the Fukushima military industrial complexes DEW production facility aka nuclear power plants   .

It has been said that if you sprinkle holy water on a nuclear scientist they have to tell you the truth for the next 3 minutes , even though it is not recommended you get that close because of nuclear verbal diarrhea.   According to nuclear critters7400 Bq/m3 of Cs-137 is EPA standard in drinking waterand after all you get 7500 Bq of potassium 40 in a glass of drinking water so its safe according to nuclear apologist .  Anyone who says anything different is a alarmist and is just fear mongering .  Besides all that ionized man made Uranium 238 will decay is 4.5 billion years so have a bananas because after all nuclear scientist are probably right a banana and a 12 ft nuclear fuel rod are impossible to tell apart .