The Ocean Quiet - Poem By Dana Durnford August 12, 2019

Oh life oh life I treasured you so

No life in the water is no life for our soul

Oh life oh life I miss you so

The whales breathe is now a folklore

Oh life oh life I adorn you so

I miss the birds that use to bug me so

Oh life dear life the water is now stone

The water so nuclear stale no marine life below

Oh life oh life your magic never grew old

The nuclear industry must have hated you so

Oh Life oh life I treasured you so

The world sat in silence as I watched you go

Oh life oh life I fought the good war

The hero sat in silence as the nuclear puppets roared

Oh life oh life was it a dream that you existed

The world forgets you like vapor from the kettle

Oh life oh life you are worthy of so much more

Oh life oh life nuclear will never let us grow old

The Ocean Quiet - A poem by Dana Durnford To The Marine World exterminated by nuclear Aug 12th 2019

Why did they rebuild Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Atomic Bomb Craters ?

By Dana Durnford TheNuclearProctologist is a warehouse of nuclear crimes . Dana Durnford is a renowned nuclear expert and marine researcher studying the Fukushima nuclear apocalyptic event and its effects on earths 8 million species .

Human experiment gone bad , nuclear scientist built a city on a Atomic bomb crater so they could study humans as they died from different diseases . Cancer is last one of 1800 diseases illnesses to show up , a lot of the diseases and illnesses and autoimmune deficiencies will kill the victims long before cancer shows up .

For 74 years nuclear scientist have studied the victims of nuclear bombing in Japan or as media likes to refer to them then as JAPS . Even today all the major university's are studying the victims or as your loving nuclear scientist like to call them lab rats . On the 74 year anniversary I will show you what no one else has for 7 and a half decades the monsters behind the curtains . The last day of the 2020 Olympics is the diamond anniversary the 75th Anniversary of the bombings .

Chernobyl Atomik Vodka and Fake Criminal Science Behind it

A UK Professor Jim Smith has only produced one bottle of radiated vodka and made unsubstantiated claims that it is radiation free by asserting distilling removes radiation from liqueur . Atomik is a well known bike part and toy brand on Amazon which means he never even thought the very basics of this one bottle wonder through .

You can not make something ionized by radiation like water or liquor or anything else safe and you certainly can not make it safe by distilling it . First you end up radiating the distiller and all the liqueur you run through it becomes radiated even if it wasn,t radiated before you distilled it .

Professor Smith from the University of Portsmouth UK is not a nuclear expert nor does he has one on his side , he is a environmental non-scientist with real aspirations of being a serial killing misery machine by way of Vodka . Unprofessional Smith is obviously a heartless public relation puppet and a dangerous nuke crank who should be arrested for attempting to poison unsuspecting consumers .

His science is unprofessional as he is , Jim Smith makes a interesting claim that he wants to use profits to help community’s . If he really was sincere he would advocate to relocate the victims to safer areas like a rational professor instead . Mr Smith also makes claims the land has recovered while failing to acknowledge UK had to close 9000 farms because of Chernobyl and over 380 farms in UK are still closed today 33 years later due to Chernobyl . The other farms should still be closed because radiation is forever .

Just last week I produced 2 video presentations about Chernobyl ( linked below ) with 100s of study’s showing Chernobyl will never recover because its you know radiated . All the surrounding countries are radiated also including UK 3000 miles away because of Chernobyl nuclear meltdowns . Mr smith is what nuclear experts like me refer to as nuke tarts , they lick the boots of the evil nuclear industries looking for a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ear while waiting for funding for more seeded studies to downplay nuclear accidents and to mitigate the blow-back on the nuclear industry and marginalize the endless victims .

Greenpeace is a failed organization

Greenpeace is a failed organization and should be banned so Humanity and 8 million species have a chance to exist . Patrick Moore co-founder of Greenpeace and moved on to be a GMO Advocate who Says Monsanto's Roundup is Safe to Drink when its odiously not

Green peace has refused to acknowledge the media is faking reactor 4 building at Fukushima nuclear meltdowns like this frame from CNN where the reporter claims she is in reactor 4 the building to the left .

fake reactor 4.fukushima

Greenpeace has sat in silence while Japan has poisoned the world with Rice grown in a exclusion zone so radiated the Government of Japan has already hired homeless and victims of society to pick up 30 million one ton bags of radiation .

Japan Sake Fukushima.jpg
million japanese livng in radiated wasteland 18.jpg

In Greenpeace latest dangerous ploy they have a nuclear expert Shaun Burnie, nuclear senior specialist at Greenpeace claiming the tanks of lethal water at Fukushima only contain harmless Tritium is criminal . The water is actually 2 Sievert per liter , in other words if you sat along side of a 1 gallon can it would kill them in a few minutes and every person on earth who sat there for millions of years . The water can not be treated as Greenpeace ( NUCLEAR EXPERT ) had claimed today is the final straw .


When you actually look at the evidence Greenpeace founders and current and past leaders and spokespersons should be in Jail . Greenpeace is a threat to all life and is used to displace real activist and real facts . You can sit in silence but I can not .

By Dana Durnford

When should we finally protect the 8 million species and humanity from the insane IAEA NRC and nuke tart industry ?

Fukushima nuclear meltdowns are proof IAEA is completely dysfunctional and that good journalist academics scientist do not exist . It is our duty our responablity out obligation to hold the nuclear industry accountable and prosecute them for crimes against m=humanity and ecocide .

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With 187 Dead Emaciated Grey Whales Already Found Then 1900 Dead Grey Whales Sank


We use to find about 1 dead grey whale every couple of years , now in the first 7 months of 2019 we have found 187 dead grey whales and counting , most of them the media has grudgingly acknowledged died from starvation .But that number is catastrophic on it own , Grey whales are not the only type of whales that are dying in unheard of numbers . So are the seals sea lions birds dolphins etc etc you can find that kind of documentation in my presentation at my youtube site called Dana Durnford .

We only find at best 10 percent of the emaciated whales the rest sink and scientist spend every waking moment screaming global warming with no explanation when its nuclear fallout that is global warming. Nuclear fallout pulses every second for ever , that energy adds up over time . The world can not be destroyed directly by nuclear explosion but by its invisibly nuclear snowstorms described as fallout in increments over time .

It is nuclear fallout that is the threat to all life , first nuclear fallout wipes out the bacteria on land and the basic of the food chain in the oceans . When the bacteria is destroyed on land then the entire ecosystem fails over a short time , plants trees and ecosystems need bacteria like we need oxygen .

The same for the oceans , when you wipe out the basic of the food chain and that is exactly what Fukushima nuclear fallout did . I know that for fact because I carried out many many land and sea nuclear research expeditions over many years after Fukushima nuclear meltdowns started and the nuclear meltdowns continue releasing even today and will for ever until we admit we a have a problem and try to come up with a solution , of course bye bye nuclear industry when that happens . We lost all the species from Vancouver Canada to Alaska and that documentation is at this site TheNuclearProctologist .

For a massive animal like a grey whale to go from 12 inches of blubber to 4 inches and to die of starvation means they could not find any food for many months over 1000s of miles . When 187 die in a short few months the same way then the evidence is overwhelming that the entire ecosystem is dying .

Yet demonic demons and monsters aka scientist academics and journalist feverishly insist on downplaying every facet , misrepresenting and outright lying to the public about the cause and effects . It is well know Fukushima nuclear meltdowns happened and was identified at extortionary numbers in rainfall in north America immediately after Fukushima nuclear meltdowns yet our hateful media claimed different .

One study showed over 20,000,000 isotopes of Iodine 131 per liter of rain water following Fukushima nuclear meltdowns .over North America , when 55 isotopes per liter warrants a evacuation at nuclear sites . Yet no Canadians was warned to shelter in place but Taiwan and south Kore did . Kids where allowed to walk to schools like nothing was happening in Canada and USA by the very people we hired to warn us and backed by the university’s and Media Canada wide . There was no descending opinions allowed or heard , I was given 6 gag orders by a private Canadian police force that are still in effect today to silence me for trying to warm people , how dare I care .

Canadian University’s reveled in producing lectures claiming Fukushima fallout from nuclear meltdowns was harmless and arrogantly claimed it was like a Banana potato chips walking in sunshine . Yet those assertions are ludicrous and a betrayal resulting in a disarmed population and a massive increase of infant mortality right away .

At the same time Ottawa gave Ontario 20 billion dollars to extend the lives of nuclear power plants while radioactive fallout from Fukushima contaminated the entire country . I on the other hand have to struggle every step of the way while controlled opposition like green peace are given millions a month to misdirect you from the real issues and direct threats . I want to help , they want to destroy , at some point I hope you will realize i,m not the bad guy for doing the moral and ethical thing I just hope its not too late when you do .

In the absent of light Evil runs rampant and destroys everything good and that is what we are looking at except we replaced the word Evil with journalist academic and authority . When they are just demons and monsters that wish you harm and work hard to make sure you and your loved ones have no future .

By Dana Durnford aka TheNuclearProctologist - There is a Donate link at the top of the page

Help Wanted - Nuclear Apologist - Must Be Deaf Dumb And Blind Oh and Heartless

Japan seeks blue collar workers not nuclear students aka nuke tarts to work on Medusa aka Reactor 3 MOX Fuel nuclear meltdowns . Now this should horrify you and if it doesn,t hell you could get a job as a nuclear apologist , it is what it is . To be a nuclear apologist you do not need to sell your soul you need to not have one already and your a shoe in . All you got to do is pretend your human and its fast cars and candy bars baby .

Link to live show above covers headlines below

You can store wind by pumping water uphill during the day to flow when there is no wind and you can store Solar power as compressed air when the sun is not shinning or was it the other way around . You can not store nuclear waste without wasting $500 million to survey the land not that you can get the land for nuclear waste . You can however get land for solar land for wind pumping water and a place to store compressed air . One company turned a old abandon mine into a volume tank and compressed the mine to store energy .

The nuclear industry is so full of parasitic entitled inbreeds that it is a permanent burden on all 8 million species and a plausible threat to humanity . Nuclear plants have a battalion of sirens through out your community many 10s of kilometers away from nuclear plant because the wind blows wherever it wants .

When nuke tarts test those sirens everyone should have to pull on a gas mask so they know what to do before they run away and never come back . Leaving your community’s behind your pets businesses and graveyards behind permanently because nuclear is not a bigot , it hates every one and everything like the atomic plague it is .

Ask yourself s do the animals and insects and bacteria in the forest and groves know what those death sirens means , will they run away with gas masks on also . Will the flocks of birds and fish that can not reproduce now be the last generation like we see happening to the life in the pacific ocean since Fukushima annihilated the biggest body of water on earth , the very soup of life turned into stone .

Dana Durnford

list of shows for tomorrow April 22nd 2019 link at top to video

A spike in sea lion, dolphin rescues prompts Laguna Beach center to plead for money, support

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B.C. Sea Lions are becoming aggressive and no longer fear man, having the potential to drag crew overboard

Beached whale spotted off San Pedro coastline

Predatory attack by an emaciated male grizzly bear kills two .

New England seeing a huge spike in beached sea turtles by Michael Casey

Scientists Examining Spike In Marine Life Deaths On L.I. by Jennifer McLogan

Five different species of whale and dolphin washed ashore in Donegal in recent days (Ireland)

Decomposing Grey whale found floating off La Jolla coast San Diego

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Dead Humpback whale washes up on beach in Queens New York

Warming oceans cast a chill over New England’s sea turtles by Anna Robuck

The decline of salmon adds to the struggle of Puget Sound's orcas by Lynda V. Mapes

Bell M. Shimada researcher Ken Balcomb

Gray seal that ‘vacationed’ along Myrtle Beach shores in March was lost, marine mammal experts say By Aaron Ladd

A Dozen Dolphins Have Beached Themselves, Showing The Deadly Hallmark of Alzheimer’s


neurologist Deborah Mash from the University of Miami , Paul Alan Cox, an ethnobotanist at the Brain Chemistry Labs in Jackson Hole

40 foot sperm whale washes ashore in Connemara by Briain Kelly

Biologists: Killing hungry sea lions saving imperiled fish

Endangered killer whales make an appearance in Monterey Bay

orcas Pod travels from Pacific Northwest in search of food

Kenneth Balcomb Center for Whale Research in Friday Harbor, Washington.

Super Pod of Dolphins and Melon-Head Whales in Alor

A pod of false killer whales rarely seen in local waters

Whale washed up on beach in Sligo is ’cause for concern’ (Ireland)

Southeast Alaska researchers get rare opportunity to study a sperm whale

By Elizabeth Jenkin

Hideo Kojima's upcoming action video game Death Stranding in development by Kojima Productions and published by...

IWDG Takes Samples From Sperm Whale In Sligo As Unusual Strandings Remain Unexplained

Russia plans to free almost 100 captured whales

Migrating birds need a helping hand as they fly through Chicago

Cornell Lab of Ornithology claim a billion birds die there each year or dead bird every 16 sq foot across all 600 sq miles of chicago lol

This effort is supported by Bird Friendly Chicago, a coalition of groups including the Chicago Audubon Society, and by Chicago architect Jeanne Gang

Where are all the gulls going on a Friday morning?

Every dolphin calf born in Adelaide’s Port Riverthis summer breeding season has died,

Patrols ordered to remove dead birds at Lake Claremont by Jon Bassett

Mystery dolphin deaths probed after spike in number of strandings on Irish shores

Lynne Kelleher

Recent turtle and dolphin deaths raise concerns

Baby orca calf sighting inspires hope, action | Rachel Kippen, Our Ocean Backyard

How to bury a dead whale and not attract sharks by Kathleen Jessop

2015 story with 2019 date - Man Poses for Picture, Has Dangerously Close Encounter With a Sea Lion By Jack Phillips and Zachary Stieber

Hey, seals and sea lions! Quit eating so much endangered orca food... or else.

By Tom Banse

Monika Wieland Shields of the Orca Behavior Institute in Friday Harbor, Washington

2 Dead Whales Wash Up On Bay Area Shores In A Day

gray whales that are malnourished that are really skinny.”

Dead minke whale washes up in Duxbury

6th Annual All Day Live Fukushima Nuclear Fund Raiser April 22nd 2019 -10 am PST


In a world of the Atomic Plague its hard to find the truth in so much nuke puke . Seeming as I have 6 gag orders aka 6 gold metals for nuclear activism I walk around with a 9 million pound Godzilla on my shoulders and every nuclear industry inbreed stabbing me in the back .

I have held the Fukushima nuclear meltdown candle lit on both ends every day for over 6 years with no end in sight and I am still going strong . Catch the live show or replay link is at the top and find the real reason i,m censored by the nuclear gate keepers industry .

Please click the donation button and help ensure this light house of sanity is always there for the lost misinformed and those seeking shelter from the endless revolting nuclear propaganda puke machines .

Would you give your friends or family Fukushima Sake ?? From Most Radioactive Place in History

The unthinkable is happening , for the last 7 years sake makers in Fukushima are using rice grown by nuclear meltdowns . This rice is not fit for consumption , in fact its a crime to poison someone with that . Why even bother have IAEA if they are more worried about me trying to stop the crime instead of the criminals

Why do IAEA NRC exist besides to protect the vicious thugs making sake to poison us with , lets buy the sake and donate it to police every day until they are full of cancer maybe then they will get their fookin acts together . No food should be grown in any of those areas forever .

Japan has no functional just fictional checks and balances to protect people from ruthless sake makers . Insane uneducated vicious Sake criminals are calling radioactive fallout a lie to prop up their evil deeds . In a place with 30 million one ton bags of radiation denial might seem far fetch but its murder to sell Sake from there plain and simple .

Watch my desperate video presentation

Emaciated Whales North America Coast Wide Emaciated Sea Lion Pups 1000s Emaciated Female Penguins oh my

A baby killer whale is born into a family of emaciated killer whales who are picky eaters no less , they only eat Chinook salmon and only those with a good hair cut I bet . According to the media experts like Ken Balcomb, founding director of the Center for Whale Research the killer whales would rather be emaciated then eat shitty old seals sea lions halibut snapper giant pacific octopus that weigh up to 150 lb each or birds otters dolphins etc etc etc etc etc like any other staving and emaciated animal would eat .

Watch Live show of this story tonight Jan 14th 2019 link below

Killer whales the apex predator does not just sit there and watch all that food all day every day and refuse to even have a snack , to say they do is fookin ludicrous . Puget sound Killer whale must be the only animal on earth who would rather be emaciated and starve to death than eat something else . The whole story is so absurd so blatantly ridicules it is clearly stupid to suggest , it sounds like a story made up by 7 year old kids in a school yard .

The killer whales matriarch J16, mother of the late J50, is emaciated same as .K25, The whales are emaciated because of radiation from fukushima nuclear meltdowns has wrecked the food chain see my main page for the marine sailing expeditions . Normally the whales do not have to stave to death because they could you know eat other things like seals and sea lions but nope according to weirdo media idiotic govt officials killer whales are stubborn and refuse to eat anything but Chinook salmon so the killer whale are emaciated with pea nut shaped heads as proof .

Thank goodness for scientist , they should get the metal of horror and send them to reactor 3 at Fukushima aka Medusa where only the homeless destitute and victims of society have gone . It is not Yale university or Harvard University or MIT nor Stanford Oxford or any nuclear academics going there just the victims of society because scientist are cowards world wide and that is a fact .

2019 is off to extinction level start for Sperm whales Humpback whales Killer Whales Sea Lion Pups Monarch Butterfly’s 1000s of emaciated female Penguins . How is it no scientist anywhere thinks its odd animals and Apex predators are emaciated aka starving to death is beyond me . Academics lost the twinkle from their eyes and replaced it with a 1000 yard stare and as such any hope of respect is now hanging by a thread world wide . I will do a live show Jan 14th 2019 and post a link here tomorrow .

New baby orca spotted with Emaciated endangered killer whales

Idiot media said they expect two more killer whales to die of starvation by summer because they only eat salmon is stupid but hey thats weido jounalist for ya .

Emaciated Matriarch of well-known orca family is starving to death, B.C. researchers fear

Emaciated Sea Lion Pups Rescued Across Southland Beaches

1000s of Emaciated female penguins are washing up dead in South America ( BBC lets scientists from Japan claim its normal when its not normal )

State warns public to stay away from Hawaiian Sand Island after Sperm whale carcass removal

Two Dead Humnback Whales Wash Ashore Hours Apart In Boston And Revere and Mink Whale

week before

Monarch butterfly population in California has plummeted 86% in 1 year Xerces Society

30-feet-long Baleen dead whale washes ashore in Bhitarkanika

Necropsy performed on Emaciated dead minke whale in Oyster Bay

Endangered Emaciated young Sei Whale strands itself euthanized on Masonboro Island, is a type of Baleen Whale

Emaciated dead Eastern North Pacific grey whale washes up in BC west coast

Record year for marine animal strandings in Scotland Last year, 670 strandings were reported

Rare Pygmy Sperm Whale Carcass Of Dead Whale Sought In Stratford

Humpback Whale Found Dead on Saudi Asir Beach

Dead whale washes ashore near Port aux Basques

Beach in San Clemente packed after dead whale washes ashore

An enormous, dead, 79-foot blue whale washed up on Agate Beach in California on Friday

Dead Humpback Whale Washes Onto Pacifica Beach

Humpback Whale Washes Up On The Point In Cape Henlopen State Park

Hero whale saves snorkeler from tiger shark in the Pacific Ocean

Another dead dolphin found on a Cornwall beach as sightings increase

Sea World marine sciences director Trevor Long says whale population increase by 3000 whales each year lmao

Dec 21st 2018 New Updated Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns Facts Vs Fiction

The video presentation below shows Fukushima nuclear meltdowns effects upon Japan the oceans and earth are staggering and the implications are devastating for all 8 million species . The nuke industry can only be described as predatory cowardly and self destructive . Nuclear is the most carcinogenic thing known to humans , those facts have been obscured for decades to lull the world into complacency . Its time to wake up and smell the dead pacific ocean .

Fake solutions for victims like Potassium pills are always hyped as some magic elixir for radiation but potassium pills do not stop radiation from sequestering in your flesh organs or bones causing terminal illnesses to humans and animals . Potassium can never mitigate a illness , potassium is used to deceive the endless victims to protect the reputation of Nuclear . The current generation of Nuclear academics have never even tried to create a robot for Chernobyl so why would people think they would or could for any other accident .

History has taught us one thing for certain when they have a nuclear accident every one runs away and the homeless are sent in instead of Yale University day workers are sent in instead of MIT nuclear scientist , immigrants who do not speak the language are sent in instead of Stanford University while Harvard University nuclear academics plays football the victims of society become the real Hero .

This video is a public service from The Nuclear Proctologist to awaken you to the dangers of Fukushima nuclear meltdowns .

Nuclear Industry Says Kids Around Fukushima Nuclear Plant Have No Rights

Should kids be left to rot and die in Fukushima Japan nuclear waste land so the nuclear industry world wide can survive ?? According to the nuclear industry every where , the pictures you are about to view is considered fear mongering .

All I ask is for you to scan through the picture of Fukushima towns and the kids no one will talk about so you can see their side of the story the nuke cult has managed to keep buried for the last 7 years .

When you see the headlines and the Geiger counters you might ask your self why but that will be answered as you peruse the spit screen pictures .

The black bags are full of radiation over 100,000 Bq a Kg the previous limits pre Fukushima nuclear meltdowns was 0.1 bq a kg . By Dana Durnford aka The Nuclear Proctologist

Tepco Says 30 Million 1 Ton Radiation Bags Will Not Be Moved For 20 More Years


Japan citizens are overwhelmed with radiation fallout contaminating their air land and water from Fukushima nuclear power plants melting down . Once the reactors melt down and go into a chain reaction the 9000 Fahrenheit temperatures will eat through the containment . The liquefied uranium hits water creating hydrogen . Once the hydrogen builds up then coming into contact with oxygen will cause the hydrogen and reactor to detonate . The nuclear fallout crosses the ocean in as little as 3 days and travels world wide in 40 days . Japan of course gets wicked doses on the land mountains rivers valleys streams community’s homes etc etc etc and


Japan has no one on their side in mass media world wide including Japan , and lost the bitter battle for truth years ago. . What a nuclear meltdown means is simple really , think of 9000 degrees consuming rocks and dirt like the steam from a old locomotive train , invisible but permanent on a global scale of ionizing atomizing everything around it to fuel it then aerosol this invisible endless radiating snowstorm with insidious hot partials of radiation


The back up plan for nuclear accidents has always been recruiting the homeless because Yale University’s is not answering the phone . Japan has to recruit the destitute because MIT is too busy being special and nuclear meltdowns are like a Banana according to Yale professors in media . Japan has to recruit the Immigrants to work at Fukushima because Stanford University megalomaniacs are to good for that kind of dangerous work . .

Fukushima bags good for 2 years  will have to survive 20 years

The earth at Fukushima is cracked wide open and the radioactive steam is coming out of the ground in 6 place at over 10 sieverts per hour . 5 Sieverts is a lethal dose to humans including spider man and the hulk . Once the radiation steam touches down on the site the site is permanently lethal to life and then radiation steam is not a one off thing its documented for over several years strait .

Its safe to say Fukushima is more scary than a real life medusa to the victims forced tricks and deceived to work there .

The real reactor 3

The real reactor 3

Fukushima nuclear meltdowns have no equal the radiation can span history and continue to be raging out of control hemorrhaging into the environment relentlessly .

Japan has to recruit the victims of society because University Of California Berkeley Alumni Academics Students professors are not allowed out after dark and just don,t care . After all those experts have all been quoted in the media for decades with not a single rebuttal in history that nuclear waste and fallout it like a Banana its like a potato chip its like walking in sunshine its like flying in a plane .

Japan is using the immigrants and victims of society with ruthlessly dishonest tactics and illegal slavery to scratch up just a tiny fraction of the radiation that is actually there . Yet that amounted to a staggering mind blowing 30 million One Ton bags , remember that is from just 3 per cent of the land in Fukushima prefecture only .

Right along side of those bags Japan govt is subsiding farmers to go in and grow food on the same land where the bags sit . Forsaking humanity Japan nuke industry has found easy victims aplenty and as is custom with nuclear history they target the vulnerable and uniformed and literally tricked and deceived the most vulnerable of society to continue living and move into in some bizarre attempt to


30 million one ton bags . To most people that is just a number with no context . Each bag is full of dangerous radiation . Consider each bag is in the back of 30 million one ton trucks bumped to bumper .

Each truck is 20 ft long giving you 120,000 miles of trucks bumped to bumper around the entire planet earth 4,8 times or 5 rows of traffic bumper to bumper around Earth .emitting radiation all day all right for millions of years .

Catch the live show to night Dec 19th 2018 and i,ll break down the whole sorry mess as much as I can in one hour .


Japanese media aka nuke cult ( look up the work media and try to apply it to japan ) is reporting the 30 million one tons bags of radiation picked up in 3% of Fukushima land . They picked the bags up where the houses are and the farms are will not be moved for at least 20 more years .

David Suzuki said if reactor 4 fuel pool collapse then its by by Japan and we should evacuate the west coast of north america , well guess what

David Suzuki said if reactor 4 fuel pool collapse then its by by Japan and we should evacuate the west coast of north america , well guess what

While that might seem to be the major story guess again the major story is Fukushima farmers and fishermen still dealing with negative publicity about growing food where they picked up 30 million one ton bags and left them right where they picked them up and grew food there right along side of them .

Oh by the way fuel pools use to be at the top of the buildings , they store the reactor cores for decades . This is Reactor 3 above with MOX Fuel and the reactor and fuel pools are missing so its time to stop pretending we do not have a probably because brother we have a problem

Oh by the way fuel pools use to be at the top of the buildings , they store the reactor cores for decades . This is Reactor 3 above with MOX Fuel and the reactor and fuel pools are missing so its time to stop pretending we do not have a probably because brother we have a problem

Remember the rubber bags break down in less than a couple of years , we are already past that point . The nuclear industry is reveling in your media voodoo induced stupidity while its destroys them their friends their family and their loved ones at the same time , It is gut wrenching terrifying and revolting .

It should but does not seems surreal we have no university's no academics or super stars nor political or media personality . There is zero corporation nil leaders loudmouth arrogant social medias better than everyone else personality's no meek poets or lazy famous writers no adrenaline pumping sports stars no famous or up and coming singers .

50 minutes even claimed they stood on top of reactor 3 , locals called it Medusa because you know

50 minutes even claimed they stood on top of reactor 3 , locals called it Medusa because you know

Earth has zippy doo da zero heroes or shakers and movers to have a actual conversation with humans because none of those have the attributes of a human . Main stream media silence and out right lies are far from a sloppy journalism oh my yes . Its in your face out right contempt for you and me , its blank stares and blatant arrogant if you question the silence or lies .

The solution to a massive radiation event is not silence and big green rugs to sweep 30 million one ton bags of radiation under no no NO . The solution begins by admitting we have no solutions because a solution would mean admitting nuclear has a flaw like everything else humans hay wired together . Nuclear is so fragile just the thought that its farts stink is unbearable to the pompous weirdos entrenches suicidal nuke cult .

Nuclear is a cult of idiots pile driving earths future past and present into the ground with grovelling media willingly licking nuke boots for more misery machines to extinguish all hope and life .

A Major Nuclear Meeting This Week To Nullify Linear No-Threshold (LNT) Threat To All Life On Earth

For 3 days this week apologist for the nuke mass murdering machine will attempt to nullify

Linear No-Threshold (LNT) making it vanish along with common sense . This is sedition , a betrayal a reckless attack upon all 8 million species on earth . You have a responsibility to stop the ghouls of the nuke industry from killing our future with hideous man made radiation .

Below is a video full of study’s I streamed today showing radiation is not harmless , no one on earth have ever compiled a video that educates you so easy and effortlessly .

The American Nuclear Society and the Health Physics Society are hosting an international forum of nuclear and radiation lapdog attack dogs this week to whitewash existing low dose protection standards into the history books , this is sedition and a cowardly attack on all life on earth .

By Nuclear Expert Dana Durnford aka TheNuclearProctologist Oct 1st 2018

Sep 15th 2018 China Nuclear Plants Fuel Pools To Take Direct Hit From Typhoon Mangkhut

Reactor cores in pools have no containment and are stored in vulnerable unprotected Fuel Pools that are no different than the pools at your local swimming facility's . Many reactors keep the insidiously deadly nuclear Fuel at the top of many nuclear reactor buildings . This flaw also making them impossible to contain when they have a event because the building fills up with lethal radiation . The fuel pools can melt down like in Japan if exposed to air caused by damage to the pool or equipment .

Since Fukushima has brutally contaminated the pacific ocean for so many years resulting in heating the pacific ocean up to 7 degrees warmer . Typhoons now exceed 200 MPH on land since Fukushima we have seen many Hurricanes Typhoons Cyclones exceed 200 MPH winds on land and those kinds of winds can will turn large objects into projectiles that can compromises the fuel pools components and equipment. You can have a 1000 nuclear employees on site but none of them can get within 2 football fields of a fuel pool fire because of lethal gamma shine , X-Rays and Neutron Burst .

Fact is nuclear employees by proxy have to run away if there is a fire or shelter in a safe zone where food and water is already stored for those kinds of emergency . Its too dangerous to breath the air on site if they have a fire at a spent fuel pool with decades of fuel .

The sobering part is you would have to evacuate millions locally permanently and destroy all the farms and crops for years etc etc . That's the part the industry never mentions , you can run these plants for 50 years or 50 days and if you have a accident you destroyed everything permanently for millions of victims .

Potassium pills are always hyped as some magic elixir for radiation but potassium pills do not stop radiation from sequestering in your organs or bones causing terminal illnesses to humans and animals . Potassium can never mitigate a illness , potassium is used to deceive the endless victims to protect the reputation of Nuclear . The current generation of Nuclear academics have never even tried to create a robot for Chernobyl so why would people think they would or could for any other accident .

History has taught us one thing for certain when they have a nuclear accident every one runs away . The homeless are sent in instead of Yale University . Day workers are sent in instead of MIT Nuclear scientist . Migrants who do not speak the language are sent in instead of Stanford University . And while Harvard University nuclear academics plays Polo the victims of society become the real Heroes .

Speaking out against nuclear comes with a heavy price . Dana Durnford aka The Nuclear Proctologist is currently under 6 gag orders from Canadian Govt in a spinless attempt to silence him .

This video I made a few days ago helps to explain what happens in the event of a nuclear power plant melt down

Bizarre ! Taiwan To Have A Referendum On Allowing Fukushima Food Instead Of Nuclear Science

Bizarre ! Taiwan to have a referendum on Allowing Fukushima Food Instead of Nuclear Science

Have you heard the story about a country voting to eat food grown in a place where people are not allowed to live , where the insects and animals have disappeared and the vegetation is heavily mutated due to massive nuclear fallout .  No ? Well strap your self's in and chew those finger nails as Taiwan is forced to have a vote due to Taiwan's nuclear industry lapdogs have a death grip strangle hold on reality on something that is deadly on the atomic level forever that doesn,t need a vote or a dinner table .  .   

 University's Media and Scientist are not allowed to criticize nuclear for 70 years and Taiwan is no different  ( not that they would or have  )  or they would just say no in between the laughter at such a absurd idea as feeding food grown in nuclear waste land right along side of 30 million one ton bags of radiation already gathered up to people   . 

Oh by the way the melted reactors are still hemorrhaging into the environment recontaminating the same farms 24/7 for 7 years with no end in sight but do not ask Shizuya Fukuoka from Taipei Bureau to be a journalist . Do not ask you media to have nuclear scientist to debate the logic or implications of eating a single hot atom  . 

 No no no why take the moral rout no for people to be protected they have to send the country's most technical difficult question to lovely Ma and Pa kettle . The very people who have been feed a lie that nuclear is like a banana and potato chips their entire life . Now turn to the lying machine Shizuya Fukuoka and the Taipei Bureau to help them understand that nuclear is not like a banana or potato chip or walking in sunshine or getting on a airplane like Taipei Bureau have told them for their entire existence so they can be Journalist in the loved ones eyes seems surreal to be alive and witness this actually happening . 

Those voters have been told their entire life nuclear waste is like a climbing a mountain and sleeping next to someone and coming into contact with a nuclear contaminated spider and poof their beloved super hero spiderman was created . Mind you those same people do not understand they had to evacuate Handford nuclear sites cafeteria because of radiated hot fruit flies and hot wasp flying around landing on food forced people to flee parts of the site  ( don,t want too many spidermen running around I guess ). 

 The Hulk is one of many many so called heroes because he came in contact with radiation from nuclear industry . The lesson for people is nuclear is a good thing that makes normal people super heroes . 

So then Shizuya Fukuoka and the Taipei Bureau when refusing to be journalist and tricking everyone into voting instead of having journalist show how ingesting even tiny amounts a single time can cause up to 2000 illnesses before cancer shows up then i,m the bad person for pointing that out because journalist refuse to be journalist k got it  . 

I probably got it all wrong maybe in the journalist self centered egotistic pompous world they think by feeding radiated food from a nuclear waste land they will create a country of super humans like the Hulk and Spiderman and they become heroes for not being journalist at least that makes sense . 
Catch the live show or replay right here  

 This story is written by  Nuclear Expert Dana Durnford who is a well known nuclear researcher that recently returned from a 4 month ocean voyage showing the damage to the Canadian BC coast line from Fukushima nuclear meltdowns ..  

Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Species Count Sailing Expedition Prepares To Head To Sea

The next Scientific Research Expedition leaves March 31st 2018 for a ambitious 7 month species count .  We will travel by sailboat with 2 zodiacs to the most northern tip of Canada and attempt to record document the entire coast line at low tide .  



My previous  expeditions in 2014 and 2015 covering 15,000 miles over 260 days have shown only 100 species in the tidal zones versus the 7000 know highly visible species that should be there .  The previous year before leaving on Fukushima expeditions I streamed daily at my site a live blog sharing  50 to 100 plus headlines . We took our time for a entire year breaking down the scientific data of the nuclear meltdown and pacific ocean mass die off events  never running blind always providing the documention .


We have confirmation of numerous continuous large radiation clouds inundating Canadian and North American entire coast lines and continents after the nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear fallout .

Pretending it never happen will solve nothing considering when it threatens all life on earth not just humans .  Decades of nuclear lies are now exposed for the fraud they are and the price is traitorously high for both sides .  There is no winners in this only hope at the end of this disharmonious rainbow . 

I will risk my life all day every day for the next 7 months so that just maybe you and your loved ones and the other 8 million species can have a future   .  I will be at sea for weeks at a time fighting the elements daily until the job is done . 

Seeming as all I am doing is just trying to confirm and share the documentation of the Canadian Coast Tidal Zones you known the nursery of the pacific ocean it confuses me how that could make me a demon   . And despite the 6 Gag Orders the nuclear industry in B.C. Canada saddled me with last year for 3 1/2 years what then do I get another 6 Gag orders ?  Withstanding brutal attempts to stop me silence me and vilify me for several years daily ,  taking pictures videos and underwater footage should never be a crime .

For the most part when in ports or where I can find or buy internet to upload videos and short documentation pictures of the trip as it happens I will . We have new cameras black-magic for interviews . 


We also have underwater remote control gimbal camera that is 4k  and has 4 hrs diving recording ability and 4k drone guaranteeing a incredible variably amount of scientific research documentation . All pictures and videos and documentation are then free for any use when expedition are completed .


  Your donation will help us sustain this most resource-intensive form of forensic investigative journalism, ensuring that the most complex and important stories still get told.
or use credit card at my site



                                                                           Sincerely yours - Dana Durnford 





Fukushima Reactor 3 Dome Roof is Fake To Trick Tokyo Olympics 2020 Particpants

   The story starts with tepco announcing that they have a dome roof over reactor 3 in Fukushima that they also confirm meltdown . Then the story takes a incredible twist where weirdo umm I mean Tepco announces they invited media journalist to go ton the top of the melted reactor . First off you can not go on top of a melted nuclear reactor yet media was stupid enough to provide a obviously fake video see it here (     Fake News - Media fakes representatives walking on top of the No. 3 reactor building
at the Fukushima    )


Below are pictures and headlines of Fukushima melted  Reactor 3 building showing the reactor core and fuel pools have been destroyed and blown out of the buildings . This means you would have to ludicrously insane to even consider going to Japan or eat food from Japan . The Olympic coaches planning on taking their athletes to Japan should be tried with attempted murder or at least fired  . How can even a single coach let alone all of them be stupid enough to even consider exposing their athletes to guarantee illnesses and cancers after and even during the Olympics  .


Fukushima Story 468.jpg


It is time to throw off the shackles of deceit and gut up to the facts they tricked you and manipulated you concerning the meted reactors in Japan .  How can people ignore the dangers any longer how can people be so blind ??  Well the documentation is below if your still on the fence after looking over the info below then you truly are a idiot and incompetent and have murderous intent .

You have to cancel the Olympics in Japan and find another venue before its too late because I can assure you Tepco and the idiot Olympic committee knows the pictures below are real and are refusing to protect you or the athletes or show you the information  .

Please thank the Fukkushima Football club for attacking vilifying demonizing and smearing me for the last few weeks because if not these picture would never exist .



Links below here show how media works together to decieve everyone and the particpants and athletes of the Tokyp 2020 olympics


( NHK Fake News On Reactor 3 ) Fukushima plant reactor gets new roof cover

( The Asahi Shimbun Fake News Story On Reactor 3 Fuel pool ) Roof completed for removal of spent fuel rods at Fukushima plant

Once severely damaged Fukushima reactor building opened to media to showcase progress

Fake News - Worst-hit reactor at Fukushima may be easiest to clean up  The Associated Press Mari Yamaguchi lies constantly
Daisuke Hirose Mari Yamaguchi on Twitter at

Fake News - Media fakes representatives walking on top of the No. 3 reactor building
at the Fukushima when that part can not even exist



Yes Climate Change is Real But Its Not What Your Told




The climate has changed dramatically in the last 5 plus years because of Fukushima . Nuclear does not stop creating energy even millions of years after its released , certainly not in our lifetime . The atomic atoms do not have a off switch it will always release energy every second of every minute for millions of years .

When it is in the ocean the energy pulses every second and is transformed into warmer oceans , a gram has a million watts and just because you atomized it and dispersed it will not change that equation .

 Fukuhsima has saturated the atmosphere and in particular the pacific ocean causing a fast moving extinction event now documented at my site .

Oil Gas Coal when released do not continue to produce energy but nuclear does . That is why they have terrorist laws that is why they have nuclear holding sites etc etc .

All nuclear plants are boiling close to a million gallons of water a min , each glass of water has a billion creatures , a tenth of the glass about a 100 million creatures are phytoplankton . They are the very basic of the food chain the oxygen chain the biggest part of the carbon sequestering chain etc etc .

The inconceivable amounts of nuclear waste just in the ocean from Fukushima multiply meltdowns per building via 10 years of fuel in storage pools above the reactors is like a snowstorm that pulses every second in the ocean from the surface to the ocean floor .

Japan is also burning the nuclear waste in incinerators full time throughout the country causing a environmental nightmare on its own but a terrorist would got to jail for life for doing it to a gram of the same material . We can not even create a dirty bomb that could mimic such releases, it truly is impossible .

Consider every animal in millions of study over 70 years died of vicious cancers, it was never used to try to cure them it was only used to kill them , apparently you can not cure cancer with another cancer , gee go figure .

For the last 4 years in western Canada the great rocky mountain glaciers are missing . That cold water running down tot he ocean in the summers would regulate the streams rivers estuary and the Canadian coast lines and tidal zones .

That cold water was necessary for insects trout and endless species . Now is missing like those dependent on the cold water to regulate those environments are decimated or missing . It will take 1000s of years for glaciers to build back up to Pre Fukushima levels but the radiation has to disappear first .

The super cell storms are a direct result of the death of the pacific ocean and the radiation in it producing energy constantly like a invisible fire that can not be put out , Typhoons hitting land masses even city's at 230 mph gusting 270 mph are now common when it wasn,t even conceivable 5 years ago .

Storms grow faster, they are larger they have longer sustaining winds then Pre Fukushima levels despite attempts to play them down by media hacks .

Taiwan Philippines China 2 weeks ago got hit with 230 mph sustained from Super Typhoon Meranti . South Korea hit with 233 mph winds over the last few days , Hurricane Matthew ripped Haiti apart with gust exceeding 200 mph .

The Philippines suffered with 230 mph sustained winds during Super Typhoon Haiyan with over 6000 dead 40 provinces stripped of trees and homes and roads from 240 mph winds that where then turned into projectiles , over 15 million homeless . 


If we do not stop these reactors we will all find our self's on a slack tightrope between two sinking ships when the gales of Fukushima come calling .