This is Day 1 May 18th 2018 Connel Islands the first day of documenting the Radioactive Fallout From Japan On Canadian Coast Line In B.C. right by the Alaska Canada Border . I spent 4 months around 120 days strait on the pacific ocean sailing the coast line on the Fukushima marine sailing expedition doing a species count of Canadas tidal zones and marine wildlife and Bird counts. Total bird count was 3000 birds and about 12 species over 4 months . . The picture below are only meant to show that I was there and documented the area , the result show the tidal zone is empty , every star fish I found was melting or grossly deformed and the implications of this event means the missing 7000 plus species should motivate the world to end nuclear , 74 years of lies has come back to haunt the existence of all 8 million species . The first group of picture are before and after of Louise Narrows shows the previous species in all their glory and the pictures along side of it are from the 2014/2016 expeditions we carried out over 260 days . These picture uploaded today ore of Connel Island and are from this years marine sailing expeditions .


This is a video presentation of day one that will get you up to speed if you have a hard time understanding what this is all about .