This is Day 18 on the beaches looking for life everything we see we we will and did take pictures  . If you do not see it in these pictures it is because its missing from the coast lines because of the massive amount of radiation from Fukushima 3 melted reactors spewing spilling hemorrhaging bleeding constantly into the pacific ocean like it doesn,t matter .

Take into consideration that we sometimes use microscopic pictures and color enhancements and under water pictures with flash . So even though it might sometimes look full of life but the rest of the pictures tell the story . The pictures are screen captures because of bandwidth constraints and the fact we are moving constantly around the BC coast line  .

The first few pictures are from the boat by me Dana and then Simons pictures and then Terrys pictures are date stamped . We covered several islands around Pine Island in a 70 km loop back to shore and we stayed out for 7 hours and came off the beaches at dark .

We seen less life in these groups of Islands compared to further inside the passage like telegraph cove . This was the last day for Terry and Simon as they headed back the next day Thursday for a much needed break . I will continue to go out each day weather permitting and I did get the next 2 days in by myself .The original raw files will show up below in the future we took around a 1000 for that day and they are large files .

Dana Pic Update Nov 11th 2014

Simon Pic Update Nov 11th 2014