There is roughly over 500 pieces of information below several hundred more are coming soon . While most of the material below is about reactor 4 but also other reactors and enough to give you some context and a generalization of Japan's Fukushima Nuclear fallout impacts in scientific community . Take into consideration the headlines and pictures below and when you see a shiny fuel pool in a perfectly symmetrical building ask yourself where is it in these buildings . Then ask yourself how come they never did the same thing to Chernobyl when Chernobyl was only 1/3 the size and a only a 30 percent meltdown and where are the pictures , the missing evidence of carpenters welders or even construction let alone the molly maid spit shine polish .

At the bottom of this is HQ pictures of the new covers build to contain radiation  , the covers being installed around and above these reactors do not touch the reactors building including reactors 4 structures anywhere   . So there is no way they can contain the fuel pools in the official pictures so how could Tepco CBC BBC ABC CBS Etc Etc all claim those pictures are from inside Reactor 4 is anyone's guess .  And by proxy the first headlines shows the skill of workers who made the place picture perfect for the media .