uploaded june 6th 2015  .  


there is a amazing amount of tide that goes through here so a lot of picture will be blurry but still provide context they can be cleaned up with software these are the raw files . I have to post bully because my detractors will claim i am hiding species 

Louise passage is on the south east  lower side of Haida gwaii

what makes this a unique place for marine life was the fact the ocean meets a pinch point and has to funnel through here. on the pacific coast of canada .  that makes for a perfect place for marine life and louise narrows has always been a COVETED place to visit . DANGEROUS to navigate . This was considered to be a INCREDIBLE VIBRANT place pre fukushima , post fukushima 2015 pictures show a heartbreaking waste land .

Part 1

Part 2

part 3

part 4