Help Wanted - Nuclear Apologist - Must Be Deaf Dumb And Blind Oh and Heartless

Japan seeks blue collar workers not nuclear students aka nuke tarts to work on Medusa aka Reactor 3 MOX Fuel nuclear meltdowns . Now this should horrify you and if it doesn,t hell you could get a job as a nuclear apologist , it is what it is . To be a nuclear apologist you do not need to sell your soul you need to not have one already and your a shoe in . All you got to do is pretend your human and its fast cars and candy bars baby .

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You can store wind by pumping water uphill during the day to flow when there is no wind and you can store Solar power as compressed air when the sun is not shinning or was it the other way around . You can not store nuclear waste without wasting $500 million to survey the land not that you can get the land for nuclear waste . You can however get land for solar land for wind pumping water and a place to store compressed air . One company turned a old abandon mine into a volume tank and compressed the mine to store energy .

The nuclear industry is so full of parasitic entitled inbreeds that it is a permanent burden on all 8 million species and a plausible threat to humanity . Nuclear plants have a battalion of sirens through out your community many 10s of kilometers away from nuclear plant because the wind blows wherever it wants .

When nuke tarts test those sirens everyone should have to pull on a gas mask so they know what to do before they run away and never come back . Leaving your community’s behind your pets businesses and graveyards behind permanently because nuclear is not a bigot , it hates every one and everything like the atomic plague it is .

Ask yourself s do the animals and insects and bacteria in the forest and groves know what those death sirens means , will they run away with gas masks on also . Will the flocks of birds and fish that can not reproduce now be the last generation like we see happening to the life in the pacific ocean since Fukushima annihilated the biggest body of water on earth , the very soup of life turned into stone .

Dana Durnford

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