This is Day 19 it was heavy overcast and almost dark rain on and off fast tides and heavy winds on the way back . A lot of the pictures look dark and even if it was sunny they would still look dark you will see what I mean later . I Dana was by myself , the crew left today and I headed out after and stayed till dark .

I went across to a big group of Islands in the middle of the straits off the north east top of vancouver Island and used 35 gallon tanks . The kicker got its first test and I was in fast tide when the main engine overheated right on the shoreline  , the tides really whip through those Islands and in a moment I had power and moved off shore  . It worked perfectly and as far as I am concerned it paid for its self . No boat is made to deal with being swept onto submerged rock piles they can unbalance a boat and flounder it in a heartbeat .

I seen a few starfish and if the barnacles kelp weed and kelp cabbage disappear there will be little to nothing left. Look for day 21 when I put a local on the beach with the good camera and I took a 100 underwater pictures on the islands I never got to this day . The pictures are screen captures because of bandwidth constraints and the fact we are moving constantly around the BC coast line  . The raw files will show up below in the future when I get a proper internet connection .