6th Annual All Day Live Fukushima Nuclear Fund Raiser April 22nd 2019 -10 am PST


In a world of the Atomic Plague its hard to find the truth in so much nuke puke . Seeming as I have 6 gag orders aka 6 gold metals for nuclear activism I walk around with a 9 million pound Godzilla on my shoulders and every nuclear industry inbreed stabbing me in the back .

I have held the Fukushima nuclear meltdown candle lit on both ends every day for over 6 years with no end in sight and I am still going strong . Catch the live show or replay link is at the top and find the real reason i,m censored by the nuclear gate keepers industry .

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Dec 21st 2018 New Updated Fukushima Nuclear Meltdowns Facts Vs Fiction

The video presentation below shows Fukushima nuclear meltdowns effects upon Japan the oceans and earth are staggering and the implications are devastating for all 8 million species . The nuke industry can only be described as predatory cowardly and self destructive . Nuclear is the most carcinogenic thing known to humans , those facts have been obscured for decades to lull the world into complacency . Its time to wake up and smell the dead pacific ocean .

Fake solutions for victims like Potassium pills are always hyped as some magic elixir for radiation but potassium pills do not stop radiation from sequestering in your flesh organs or bones causing terminal illnesses to humans and animals . Potassium can never mitigate a illness , potassium is used to deceive the endless victims to protect the reputation of Nuclear . The current generation of Nuclear academics have never even tried to create a robot for Chernobyl so why would people think they would or could for any other accident .

History has taught us one thing for certain when they have a nuclear accident every one runs away and the homeless are sent in instead of Yale University day workers are sent in instead of MIT nuclear scientist , immigrants who do not speak the language are sent in instead of Stanford University while Harvard University nuclear academics plays football the victims of society become the real Hero .

This video is a public service from The Nuclear Proctologist to awaken you to the dangers of Fukushima nuclear meltdowns .