Greenpeace is a failed organization

Greenpeace is a failed organization and should be banned so Humanity and 8 million species have a chance to exist . Patrick Moore co-founder of Greenpeace and moved on to be a GMO Advocate who Says Monsanto's Roundup is Safe to Drink when its odiously not

Green peace has refused to acknowledge the media is faking reactor 4 building at Fukushima nuclear meltdowns like this frame from CNN where the reporter claims she is in reactor 4 the building to the left .

fake reactor 4.fukushima

Greenpeace has sat in silence while Japan has poisoned the world with Rice grown in a exclusion zone so radiated the Government of Japan has already hired homeless and victims of society to pick up 30 million one ton bags of radiation .

Japan Sake Fukushima.jpg
million japanese livng in radiated wasteland 18.jpg

In Greenpeace latest dangerous ploy they have a nuclear expert Shaun Burnie, nuclear senior specialist at Greenpeace claiming the tanks of lethal water at Fukushima only contain harmless Tritium is criminal . The water is actually 2 Sievert per liter , in other words if you sat along side of a 1 gallon can it would kill them in a few minutes and every person on earth who sat there for millions of years . The water can not be treated as Greenpeace ( NUCLEAR EXPERT ) had claimed today is the final straw .


When you actually look at the evidence Greenpeace founders and current and past leaders and spokespersons should be in Jail . Greenpeace is a threat to all life and is used to displace real activist and real facts . You can sit in silence but I can not .

By Dana Durnford

6th Annual All Day Live Fukushima Nuclear Fund Raiser April 22nd 2019 -10 am PST


In a world of the Atomic Plague its hard to find the truth in so much nuke puke . Seeming as I have 6 gag orders aka 6 gold metals for nuclear activism I walk around with a 9 million pound Godzilla on my shoulders and every nuclear industry inbreed stabbing me in the back .

I have held the Fukushima nuclear meltdown candle lit on both ends every day for over 6 years with no end in sight and I am still going strong . Catch the live show or replay link is at the top and find the real reason i,m censored by the nuclear gate keepers industry .

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