The Ocean Quiet - Poem By Dana Durnford August 12, 2019

Oh life oh life I treasured you so

No life in the water is no life for our soul

Oh life oh life I miss you so

The whales breathe is now a folklore

Oh life oh life I adorn you so

I miss the birds that use to bug me so

Oh life dear life the water is now stone

The water so nuclear stale no marine life below

Oh life oh life your magic never grew old

The nuclear industry must have hated you so

Oh Life oh life I treasured you so

The world sat in silence as I watched you go

Oh life oh life I fought the good war

The hero sat in silence as the nuclear puppets roared

Oh life oh life was it a dream that you existed

The world forgets you like vapor from the kettle

Oh life oh life you are worthy of so much more

Oh life oh life nuclear will never let us grow old

The Ocean Quiet - A poem by Dana Durnford To The Marine World exterminated by nuclear Aug 12th 2019

Greenpeace is a failed organization

Greenpeace is a failed organization and should be banned so Humanity and 8 million species have a chance to exist . Patrick Moore co-founder of Greenpeace and moved on to be a GMO Advocate who Says Monsanto's Roundup is Safe to Drink when its odiously not

Green peace has refused to acknowledge the media is faking reactor 4 building at Fukushima nuclear meltdowns like this frame from CNN where the reporter claims she is in reactor 4 the building to the left .

fake reactor 4.fukushima

Greenpeace has sat in silence while Japan has poisoned the world with Rice grown in a exclusion zone so radiated the Government of Japan has already hired homeless and victims of society to pick up 30 million one ton bags of radiation .

Japan Sake Fukushima.jpg
million japanese livng in radiated wasteland 18.jpg

In Greenpeace latest dangerous ploy they have a nuclear expert Shaun Burnie, nuclear senior specialist at Greenpeace claiming the tanks of lethal water at Fukushima only contain harmless Tritium is criminal . The water is actually 2 Sievert per liter , in other words if you sat along side of a 1 gallon can it would kill them in a few minutes and every person on earth who sat there for millions of years . The water can not be treated as Greenpeace ( NUCLEAR EXPERT ) had claimed today is the final straw .


When you actually look at the evidence Greenpeace founders and current and past leaders and spokespersons should be in Jail . Greenpeace is a threat to all life and is used to displace real activist and real facts . You can sit in silence but I can not .

By Dana Durnford

When should we finally protect the 8 million species and humanity from the insane IAEA NRC and nuke tart industry ?

Fukushima nuclear meltdowns are proof IAEA is completely dysfunctional and that good journalist academics scientist do not exist . It is our duty our responablity out obligation to hold the nuclear industry accountable and prosecute them for crimes against m=humanity and ecocide .

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Help Wanted - Nuclear Apologist - Must Be Deaf Dumb And Blind Oh and Heartless

Japan seeks blue collar workers not nuclear students aka nuke tarts to work on Medusa aka Reactor 3 MOX Fuel nuclear meltdowns . Now this should horrify you and if it doesn,t hell you could get a job as a nuclear apologist , it is what it is . To be a nuclear apologist you do not need to sell your soul you need to not have one already and your a shoe in . All you got to do is pretend your human and its fast cars and candy bars baby .

Link to live show above covers headlines below

You can store wind by pumping water uphill during the day to flow when there is no wind and you can store Solar power as compressed air when the sun is not shinning or was it the other way around . You can not store nuclear waste without wasting $500 million to survey the land not that you can get the land for nuclear waste . You can however get land for solar land for wind pumping water and a place to store compressed air . One company turned a old abandon mine into a volume tank and compressed the mine to store energy .

The nuclear industry is so full of parasitic entitled inbreeds that it is a permanent burden on all 8 million species and a plausible threat to humanity . Nuclear plants have a battalion of sirens through out your community many 10s of kilometers away from nuclear plant because the wind blows wherever it wants .

When nuke tarts test those sirens everyone should have to pull on a gas mask so they know what to do before they run away and never come back . Leaving your community’s behind your pets businesses and graveyards behind permanently because nuclear is not a bigot , it hates every one and everything like the atomic plague it is .

Ask yourself s do the animals and insects and bacteria in the forest and groves know what those death sirens means , will they run away with gas masks on also . Will the flocks of birds and fish that can not reproduce now be the last generation like we see happening to the life in the pacific ocean since Fukushima annihilated the biggest body of water on earth , the very soup of life turned into stone .

Dana Durnford

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Would you give your friends or family Fukushima Sake ?? From Most Radioactive Place in History

The unthinkable is happening , for the last 7 years sake makers in Fukushima are using rice grown by nuclear meltdowns . This rice is not fit for consumption , in fact its a crime to poison someone with that . Why even bother have IAEA if they are more worried about me trying to stop the crime instead of the criminals

Why do IAEA NRC exist besides to protect the vicious thugs making sake to poison us with , lets buy the sake and donate it to police every day until they are full of cancer maybe then they will get their fookin acts together . No food should be grown in any of those areas forever .

Japan has no functional just fictional checks and balances to protect people from ruthless sake makers . Insane uneducated vicious Sake criminals are calling radioactive fallout a lie to prop up their evil deeds . In a place with 30 million one ton bags of radiation denial might seem far fetch but its murder to sell Sake from there plain and simple .

Watch my desperate video presentation

Oh Fukushima We Hardly Knew You : Earths Final Obiturary

Oh Fukushima, we hardly knew you: Earths Final Obituary

       Before reading this it can help to know Banana's Potato Chips have potassium 40 its natural and good for you but scientist insist on using normal everyday harmless stupid background radiation every time they open their pie holes about NUCLEAR .Their crutch is natural potassium 40 when describing anything nuclear to muddle the subject before they talk big shot NUCLEAR. By the way Potassium 40 is scientifically homeostasis they know that. Your body can not aggregate any more potassium 40 than it already has nor can anything else on earth including rocks food flys bla bla bla .

       Consider if you took a gram of Potassium and a gram of C147 Well the potassium 40 per gram produces .0000071of a curie or 10 million of a curie and a curie is 37 Billion atoms so 162,000 atoms per gram .  Well man made cesium 137 produces 88 Curies or 88 time 37,000,000,000.0000071 man made radioactive atoms per gram . The Fukushima reactors had 5 million pounds per reactor every 18 months for 25 years . I can fill my home up with banana's potato chips and they can not hurt me . But if I was to fill myhouse up with man made fuel rods that have gone through a chain reaction then it will melt my organs in a few minutes or less if I can get close enough before I die.

       Everything that comes from a Nuclear plant is man made from refined uranium ,  its after it goes through a chain reaction that these elements are consider a dirty bomb . That is because we created it , it is similar to natural elements but has their own atomic weight that is not created by the sun or solar system hence the designated atomic names like plutonium 241 americium 239 or the 12,000 plus other isotopes we created that's why we have nuclear laws
 and nuclear waste sites bla bla bla .  

       Ok you got that now if you happened to be reading the news or watching TV, and mass media said terrorist's detonated banana's potato chips and canned sunshine in subways simultaneously in major city's around the world that very day .  Consider you lived in one of those city's, would you panic , would you shelter in place would you skedaddle would you duck and cover .

       Should those governments bring in quintessential elite radiation authority's with the bling bling hazmat suits. Do banana's potato chips walking in sunshine warrant special isolation containers to transport the banana's, potato chips fragments and potato chip dust contaminated materials to a secure waste isolation plant that has the special handling facility . Special Sites able to manage elements as volatile as banana's and potato chips canned
 sunshine or iron ore with natural unprocessed Uranium might seem like a daunting task but we should try .

       Will billions immediately be spent on relocation decontamination remediation will these sites be designated as no go zones.  Will wild life birds etc etc wandering from those areas be destroyed to protect the species outside the exclusion zones where the land can never be sold or used for 1000s of years .  Should all the farm animals be seized isolated sacrificed by scientist to study . Would we get free healthcare to deal with the brutal effects of bananas and potato chips if affected . By law if the answer is yes to any of the above the government has to decree and provide so you only drink bottled water now that terrorist blew up bananas and potato chips in your city . How did terrorist's get their hands on banana's and potato chips in the first place will be debated for years and used by the anti nukers to attack the nuclear industry perpetually .

Yet the big question should be with all the technology we have why do we not monitor those natural emitterslike potassium 40 . More importantly who do we blame for this and how do we stop terrorist for blowing up Banana's Potato Chips with Potassium 40in our city's schools malls theaters concerts .If people understood how easy it is for a terrorist to blow up banana's on transportation venues the would end up turning continental corridors into no go zones if they figure out how dangerous banana's Potato Chips really are . Too me it seems clean we have to ban banana's potato chips walking in sunshine its just to risky to have these deadly incredibly insignificant mildly radioactive non carcinogenics elements unregulated .

Would you report your Muslim neighbors because you saw them in the supermarket in the
banana section just the day before . When you think about it, you never did trust Muslims for resenting your country for firing 5.5 million bullets a month, and a bomb a minute every day for 9 years to get what 10,000 Taliban bad guys for something they supposedly did to you . The politician say that 5 million orphans millions missing,presumed dead, millions in refugee camps millions homeless no pensions patents no infrastructure for 39 millions people in Afghanistan and Iraq is a small price to pay for revenge against 10,000 Taliban .

       Its been 5 very long years now since the Fukushima Event has had its way with this planet .Like a lot of good citizens we sit in Purgatory still waiting for a nuclear scientist to defect from the secret brotherhood of nuclear banana potato chip walking in sunshine ranks to tell the actual story of Fukushima meltdowns so this entire planet can get on the same page for the first time in history and try to stop these melted reactors before we lose the planet . 

No not this species called humans we buzz around lost in the 5th dimension called media
 that has billions under its thumb. That feed the masses global warming ideology from climate scientist pundits environmentalist claiming nuclear is green clean and oh yea too too cheap to meter . A climate scientist is someone who went to school to apologize professionally for nuclear events accidents setbacks delays over budget and to promote nuclear as the solution in every aspect of their profession . These are the people with a eduction to know nuclear waste is not like a banana potato chip walking in sunshine getting on a air plane yet these are the examples they used every time a comparison is sought .

       Media is still calling the radiation releases from 3 melt downs each that are 3 times the size of Chernobyl each 100 percent melt downs Chernobyl was a 30 percent melt down . Chernobyl stopped after ten days and killed all 600 of the helicopter pilots something you will not see but I have showed the video during my live streams many times from Harvard University . 4 days after Fukushima saying those words and saying all 4 reactors where destroyed including fuel pools .
       Japan lost 4 fools pools at Fukushima that where all full of reactor cores some call it fuel rods to confuse people because the reactors every 2 years get stored in the fools pools above the reactors so it is times more than 1000s of Chernobyl .

       Media is still gobbledygook claiming effects are localized to Fukushima prefecture some even the plant and most are claiming Tokyo is not radiated like the rest of the Japan . Media is still claiming there was only one plume that was nothing short of a miracle went out over the ocean when the plumes never stopped coming out of there .
      The Slangwhanger Media is still claiming man made radiation is like a banana potato chip walking in sunshine getting on air planes unless a terrorist gets it . Media is still claiming there is no injuries to people from Nuclear anywhere including Fukushima Prefecture . Media is still rigmarole claiming the jet streams are not real therefore they can not travel here is 3 days .
Media is still claiming the ocean currents are not real therefore they do not travel here in 45 days at 5 mph . The nuclear vomitory is still claiming scientist have fixed Fukushima when only the homeless and immigrants who don,t speak the language are there and the technology to find it doesn,t exist and claims scientist fixed it.
       Nuclear Scientist , the nuke industry Pundits , bloggers and the worst species on earth the marine chemist yes they are their own species They are hocus-pocus when it comes to neutrality objectivity or impartiality and will gladly use their authority as a academic sitting professors to lull people into consuming contaminated products to hide the contaminated product defects by the way that's murder in the 1st and dispicable .

       ATTENTION Disclaimer: Any and all Banana's Potato Chips Iron Ore portrayed mentioned here are not based upon any Living Banana's Potato Chips or their Family Members or Pets who are all victims of vicious nuclear propaganda against them and their loved ones.


       Final Note : Throw the TV Subscription out , the average person only has to see the nuclear puke machine on a little box in their home one time from cable TV with the painted PR puppetry to lure them into that 5th dimension . Growing up with TV is like growing up on heavy drugs you become the purveyor of Industrial Public relations firms no foul no harm apologist .
       They are not there to rebuild a person who was unjustly slandered but to manipulate and lull you and yourloved ones into a trance of blissful trust in a spineless shameless heartless soul less cowardly demented destructive called Nuclear Corporate Person Hood .