Fukushima Nuclear Meltdown Species Count Sailing Expedition Prepares To Head To Sea

The next Scientific Research Expedition leaves March 31st 2018 for a ambitious 7 month species count .  We will travel by sailboat with 2 zodiacs to the most northern tip of Canada and attempt to record document the entire coast line at low tide .  



My previous  expeditions in 2014 and 2015 covering 15,000 miles over 260 days have shown only 100 species in the tidal zones versus the 7000 know highly visible species that should be there .  The previous year before leaving on Fukushima expeditions I streamed daily at my site a live blog sharing  50 to 100 plus headlines . We took our time for a entire year breaking down the scientific data of the nuclear meltdown and pacific ocean mass die off events  never running blind always providing the documention .


We have confirmation of numerous continuous large radiation clouds inundating Canadian and North American entire coast lines and continents after the nuclear meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear fallout .

Pretending it never happen will solve nothing considering when it threatens all life on earth not just humans .  Decades of nuclear lies are now exposed for the fraud they are and the price is traitorously high for both sides .  There is no winners in this only hope at the end of this disharmonious rainbow . 

I will risk my life all day every day for the next 7 months so that just maybe you and your loved ones and the other 8 million species can have a future   .  I will be at sea for weeks at a time fighting the elements daily until the job is done . 

Seeming as all I am doing is just trying to confirm and share the documentation of the Canadian Coast Tidal Zones you known the nursery of the pacific ocean it confuses me how that could make me a demon   . And despite the 6 Gag Orders the nuclear industry in B.C. Canada saddled me with last year for 3 1/2 years what then do I get another 6 Gag orders ?  Withstanding brutal attempts to stop me silence me and vilify me for several years daily ,  taking pictures videos and underwater footage should never be a crime .

For the most part when in ports or where I can find or buy internet to upload videos and short documentation pictures of the trip as it happens I will . We have new cameras black-magic for interviews . 


We also have underwater remote control gimbal camera that is 4k  and has 4 hrs diving recording ability and 4k drone guaranteeing a incredible variably amount of scientific research documentation . All pictures and videos and documentation are then free for any use when expedition are completed .


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