Bizarre ! Taiwan To Have A Referendum On Allowing Fukushima Food Instead Of Nuclear Science

Bizarre ! Taiwan to have a referendum on Allowing Fukushima Food Instead of Nuclear Science

Have you heard the story about a country voting to eat food grown in a place where people are not allowed to live , where the insects and animals have disappeared and the vegetation is heavily mutated due to massive nuclear fallout .  No ? Well strap your self's in and chew those finger nails as Taiwan is forced to have a vote due to Taiwan's nuclear industry lapdogs have a death grip strangle hold on reality on something that is deadly on the atomic level forever that doesn,t need a vote or a dinner table .  .   

 University's Media and Scientist are not allowed to criticize nuclear for 70 years and Taiwan is no different  ( not that they would or have  )  or they would just say no in between the laughter at such a absurd idea as feeding food grown in nuclear waste land right along side of 30 million one ton bags of radiation already gathered up to people   . 

Oh by the way the melted reactors are still hemorrhaging into the environment recontaminating the same farms 24/7 for 7 years with no end in sight but do not ask Shizuya Fukuoka from Taipei Bureau to be a journalist . Do not ask you media to have nuclear scientist to debate the logic or implications of eating a single hot atom  . 

 No no no why take the moral rout no for people to be protected they have to send the country's most technical difficult question to lovely Ma and Pa kettle . The very people who have been feed a lie that nuclear is like a banana and potato chips their entire life . Now turn to the lying machine Shizuya Fukuoka and the Taipei Bureau to help them understand that nuclear is not like a banana or potato chip or walking in sunshine or getting on a airplane like Taipei Bureau have told them for their entire existence so they can be Journalist in the loved ones eyes seems surreal to be alive and witness this actually happening . 

Those voters have been told their entire life nuclear waste is like a climbing a mountain and sleeping next to someone and coming into contact with a nuclear contaminated spider and poof their beloved super hero spiderman was created . Mind you those same people do not understand they had to evacuate Handford nuclear sites cafeteria because of radiated hot fruit flies and hot wasp flying around landing on food forced people to flee parts of the site  ( don,t want too many spidermen running around I guess ). 

 The Hulk is one of many many so called heroes because he came in contact with radiation from nuclear industry . The lesson for people is nuclear is a good thing that makes normal people super heroes . 

So then Shizuya Fukuoka and the Taipei Bureau when refusing to be journalist and tricking everyone into voting instead of having journalist show how ingesting even tiny amounts a single time can cause up to 2000 illnesses before cancer shows up then i,m the bad person for pointing that out because journalist refuse to be journalist k got it  . 

I probably got it all wrong maybe in the journalist self centered egotistic pompous world they think by feeding radiated food from a nuclear waste land they will create a country of super humans like the Hulk and Spiderman and they become heroes for not being journalist at least that makes sense . 
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 This story is written by  Nuclear Expert Dana Durnford who is a well known nuclear researcher that recently returned from a 4 month ocean voyage showing the damage to the Canadian BC coast line from Fukushima nuclear meltdowns ..