Fukushima Reactor 3 Dome Roof is Fake To Trick Tokyo Olympics 2020 Particpants

   The story starts with tepco announcing that they have a dome roof over reactor 3 in Fukushima that they also confirm meltdown . Then the story takes a incredible twist where weirdo umm I mean Tepco announces they invited media journalist to go ton the top of the melted reactor . First off you can not go on top of a melted nuclear reactor yet media was stupid enough to provide a obviously fake video see it here (     Fake News - Media fakes representatives walking on top of the No. 3 reactor building
at the Fukushima  http://bit.ly/2nr8K7t    )


Below are pictures and headlines of Fukushima melted  Reactor 3 building showing the reactor core and fuel pools have been destroyed and blown out of the buildings . This means you would have to ludicrously insane to even consider going to Japan or eat food from Japan . The Olympic coaches planning on taking their athletes to Japan should be tried with attempted murder or at least fired  . How can even a single coach let alone all of them be stupid enough to even consider exposing their athletes to guarantee illnesses and cancers after and even during the Olympics  .


Fukushima Story 468.jpg


It is time to throw off the shackles of deceit and gut up to the facts they tricked you and manipulated you concerning the meted reactors in Japan .  How can people ignore the dangers any longer how can people be so blind ??  Well the documentation is below if your still on the fence after looking over the info below then you truly are a idiot and incompetent and have murderous intent .

You have to cancel the Olympics in Japan and find another venue before its too late because I can assure you Tepco and the idiot Olympic committee knows the pictures below are real and are refusing to protect you or the athletes or show you the information  .

Please thank the Fukkushima Football club for attacking vilifying demonizing and smearing me for the last few weeks because if not these picture would never exist .



Links below here show how media works together to decieve everyone and the particpants and athletes of the Tokyp 2020 olympics


( NHK Fake News On Reactor 3 ) Fukushima plant reactor gets new roof cover

( The Asahi Shimbun Fake News Story On Reactor 3 Fuel pool ) Roof completed for removal of spent fuel rods at Fukushima plant   http://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/AJ201802210037.html

Once severely damaged Fukushima reactor building opened to media to showcase progress

Fake News - Worst-hit reactor at Fukushima may be easiest to clean up
http://bit.ly/2nook1g  The Associated Press Mari Yamaguchi lies constantly
Daisuke Hirose Mari Yamaguchi on Twitter at twitter.com/mariyamaguchi

Fake News - Media fakes representatives walking on top of the No. 3 reactor building
at the Fukushima when that part can not even exist   http://bit.ly/2nr8K7t