The Ocean Quiet - Poem By Dana Durnford August 12, 2019

Oh life oh life I treasured you so

No life in the water is no life for our soul

Oh life oh life I miss you so

The whales breathe is now a folklore

Oh life oh life I adorn you so

I miss the birds that use to bug me so

Oh life dear life the water is now stone

The water so nuclear stale no marine life below

Oh life oh life your magic never grew old

The nuclear industry must have hated you so

Oh Life oh life I treasured you so

The world sat in silence as I watched you go

Oh life oh life I fought the good war

The hero sat in silence as the nuclear puppets roared

Oh life oh life was it a dream that you existed

The world forgets you like vapor from the kettle

Oh life oh life you are worthy of so much more

Oh life oh life nuclear will never let us grow old

The Ocean Quiet - A poem by Dana Durnford To The Marine World exterminated by nuclear Aug 12th 2019