With 187 Dead Emaciated Grey Whales Already Found Then 1900 Dead Grey Whales Sank


We use to find about 1 dead grey whale every couple of years , now in the first 7 months of 2019 we have found 187 dead grey whales and counting , most of them the media has grudgingly acknowledged died from starvation .But that number is catastrophic on it own , Grey whales are not the only type of whales that are dying in unheard of numbers . So are the seals sea lions birds dolphins etc etc you can find that kind of documentation in my presentation at my youtube site called Dana Durnford .

We only find at best 10 percent of the emaciated whales the rest sink and scientist spend every waking moment screaming global warming with no explanation when its nuclear fallout that is global warming. Nuclear fallout pulses every second for ever , that energy adds up over time . The world can not be destroyed directly by nuclear explosion but by its invisibly nuclear snowstorms described as fallout in increments over time .

It is nuclear fallout that is the threat to all life , first nuclear fallout wipes out the bacteria on land and the basic of the food chain in the oceans . When the bacteria is destroyed on land then the entire ecosystem fails over a short time , plants trees and ecosystems need bacteria like we need oxygen .

The same for the oceans , when you wipe out the basic of the food chain and that is exactly what Fukushima nuclear fallout did . I know that for fact because I carried out many many land and sea nuclear research expeditions over many years after Fukushima nuclear meltdowns started and the nuclear meltdowns continue releasing even today and will for ever until we admit we a have a problem and try to come up with a solution , of course bye bye nuclear industry when that happens . We lost all the species from Vancouver Canada to Alaska and that documentation is at this site TheNuclearProctologist .

For a massive animal like a grey whale to go from 12 inches of blubber to 4 inches and to die of starvation means they could not find any food for many months over 1000s of miles . When 187 die in a short few months the same way then the evidence is overwhelming that the entire ecosystem is dying .

Yet demonic demons and monsters aka scientist academics and journalist feverishly insist on downplaying every facet , misrepresenting and outright lying to the public about the cause and effects . It is well know Fukushima nuclear meltdowns happened and was identified at extortionary numbers in rainfall in north America immediately after Fukushima nuclear meltdowns yet our hateful media claimed different .

One study showed over 20,000,000 isotopes of Iodine 131 per liter of rain water following Fukushima nuclear meltdowns .over North America , when 55 isotopes per liter warrants a evacuation at nuclear sites . Yet no Canadians was warned to shelter in place but Taiwan and south Kore did . Kids where allowed to walk to schools like nothing was happening in Canada and USA by the very people we hired to warn us and backed by the university’s and Media Canada wide . There was no descending opinions allowed or heard , I was given 6 gag orders by a private Canadian police force that are still in effect today to silence me for trying to warm people , how dare I care .

Canadian University’s reveled in producing lectures claiming Fukushima fallout from nuclear meltdowns was harmless and arrogantly claimed it was like a Banana potato chips walking in sunshine . Yet those assertions are ludicrous and a betrayal resulting in a disarmed population and a massive increase of infant mortality right away .

At the same time Ottawa gave Ontario 20 billion dollars to extend the lives of nuclear power plants while radioactive fallout from Fukushima contaminated the entire country . I on the other hand have to struggle every step of the way while controlled opposition like green peace are given millions a month to misdirect you from the real issues and direct threats . I want to help , they want to destroy , at some point I hope you will realize i,m not the bad guy for doing the moral and ethical thing I just hope its not too late when you do .

In the absent of light Evil runs rampant and destroys everything good and that is what we are looking at except we replaced the word Evil with journalist academic and authority . When they are just demons and monsters that wish you harm and work hard to make sure you and your loved ones have no future .

By Dana Durnford aka TheNuclearProctologist - There is a Donate link at the top of the page