When should we finally protect the 8 million species and humanity from the insane IAEA NRC and nuke tart industry ?


 When should we protect our precious planet Earth from the hateful vicious monstrous runaway nuclear goblin industry  .  The hateful nuclear industry consist of 75 years of revolting inbreeding by dysfunctional  nuclear chicken neck useful idiots lapdogs for the misery machine .  The current generation of nuke tart inbreeds are the entitled generation , they have been appointed key positions in govt university’s media like their revolting inbreed forefathers  .

We have zero checks and balances for the nuclear industry because of so much inbreeding. The spineless soulless IAEA has produces millions of nuclear study’s and all of them are leveraged to downplay the insidious effects of man made nuclear isotopes upon all life.   It has become very clear now that our precious planet earth does not have a single university willing or capable of challenging the nuke tart industry .

The indisputable horrifying facts unequivocally show the nuclear industry has managed in increments over decades to destroy the very foundation of all life by nuclear emissions and by proxy everyone’s including their own and the 8 million species on earths future . The employees of the nuke tart industry willingly do that for a weekly paycheck and so they could pretend to their friends and family and themselves they are somehow human and important because they work in the nuke tart industry .

  Japan nuclear meltdowns effects have been downplayed by every media by every journalist by every university professor and by every student of nuclear for so long the very through of a descending opinion is laughable and ridicules at this stage . We have zero hope for a future due to our complacency and cowardice to hold any nuclear criminals accountable . 

Japan is actually growing food in the most radiated environment in human history for 8 year strait and shipping the death food world wide to poison the entire population on earth. Over 500 million pounds of rice a year for instance is shipped from the death farms in Fukushima prefectures . The nuclear industry has demonstrated endless contempt towards all life everywhere , it can only end badly nuclear power and the entire nuclear industry can only be described as a war and ecocide against all life everywhere . It is your responsibility to speak out as well as mine , but I do not hear your voices and so the misery machine will carry on until you find your voice.

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