A Major Nuclear Meeting This Week To Nullify Linear No-Threshold (LNT) Threat To All Life On Earth

For 3 days this week apologist for the nuke mass murdering machine will attempt to nullify

Linear No-Threshold (LNT) making it vanish along with common sense . This is sedition , a betrayal a reckless attack upon all 8 million species on earth . You have a responsibility to stop the ghouls of the nuke industry from killing our future with hideous man made radiation .

Below is a video full of study’s I streamed today showing radiation is not harmless , no one on earth have ever compiled a video that educates you so easy and effortlessly .

The American Nuclear Society and the Health Physics Society are hosting an international forum of nuclear and radiation lapdog attack dogs this week to whitewash existing low dose protection standards into the history books , this is sedition and a cowardly attack on all life on earth .

By Nuclear Expert Dana Durnford aka TheNuclearProctologist Oct 1st 2018