Sep 15th 2018 China Nuclear Plants Fuel Pools To Take Direct Hit From Typhoon Mangkhut

Reactor cores in pools have no containment and are stored in vulnerable unprotected Fuel Pools that are no different than the pools at your local swimming facility's . Many reactors keep the insidiously deadly nuclear Fuel at the top of many nuclear reactor buildings . This flaw also making them impossible to contain when they have a event because the building fills up with lethal radiation . The fuel pools can melt down like in Japan if exposed to air caused by damage to the pool or equipment .

Since Fukushima has brutally contaminated the pacific ocean for so many years resulting in heating the pacific ocean up to 7 degrees warmer . Typhoons now exceed 200 MPH on land since Fukushima we have seen many Hurricanes Typhoons Cyclones exceed 200 MPH winds on land and those kinds of winds can will turn large objects into projectiles that can compromises the fuel pools components and equipment. You can have a 1000 nuclear employees on site but none of them can get within 2 football fields of a fuel pool fire because of lethal gamma shine , X-Rays and Neutron Burst .

Fact is nuclear employees by proxy have to run away if there is a fire or shelter in a safe zone where food and water is already stored for those kinds of emergency . Its too dangerous to breath the air on site if they have a fire at a spent fuel pool with decades of fuel .

The sobering part is you would have to evacuate millions locally permanently and destroy all the farms and crops for years etc etc . That's the part the industry never mentions , you can run these plants for 50 years or 50 days and if you have a accident you destroyed everything permanently for millions of victims .

Potassium pills are always hyped as some magic elixir for radiation but potassium pills do not stop radiation from sequestering in your organs or bones causing terminal illnesses to humans and animals . Potassium can never mitigate a illness , potassium is used to deceive the endless victims to protect the reputation of Nuclear . The current generation of Nuclear academics have never even tried to create a robot for Chernobyl so why would people think they would or could for any other accident .

History has taught us one thing for certain when they have a nuclear accident every one runs away . The homeless are sent in instead of Yale University . Day workers are sent in instead of MIT Nuclear scientist . Migrants who do not speak the language are sent in instead of Stanford University . And while Harvard University nuclear academics plays Polo the victims of society become the real Heroes .

Speaking out against nuclear comes with a heavy price . Dana Durnford aka The Nuclear Proctologist is currently under 6 gag orders from Canadian Govt in a spinless attempt to silence him .

This video I made a few days ago helps to explain what happens in the event of a nuclear power plant melt down