Yes Climate Change is Real But Its Not What Your Told




The climate has changed dramatically in the last 5 plus years because of Fukushima . Nuclear does not stop creating energy even millions of years after its released , certainly not in our lifetime . The atomic atoms do not have a off switch it will always release energy every second of every minute for millions of years .

When it is in the ocean the energy pulses every second and is transformed into warmer oceans , a gram has a million watts and just because you atomized it and dispersed it will not change that equation .

 Fukuhsima has saturated the atmosphere and in particular the pacific ocean causing a fast moving extinction event now documented at my site .

Oil Gas Coal when released do not continue to produce energy but nuclear does . That is why they have terrorist laws that is why they have nuclear holding sites etc etc .

All nuclear plants are boiling close to a million gallons of water a min , each glass of water has a billion creatures , a tenth of the glass about a 100 million creatures are phytoplankton . They are the very basic of the food chain the oxygen chain the biggest part of the carbon sequestering chain etc etc .

The inconceivable amounts of nuclear waste just in the ocean from Fukushima multiply meltdowns per building via 10 years of fuel in storage pools above the reactors is like a snowstorm that pulses every second in the ocean from the surface to the ocean floor .

Japan is also burning the nuclear waste in incinerators full time throughout the country causing a environmental nightmare on its own but a terrorist would got to jail for life for doing it to a gram of the same material . We can not even create a dirty bomb that could mimic such releases, it truly is impossible .

Consider every animal in millions of study over 70 years died of vicious cancers, it was never used to try to cure them it was only used to kill them , apparently you can not cure cancer with another cancer , gee go figure .

For the last 4 years in western Canada the great rocky mountain glaciers are missing . That cold water running down tot he ocean in the summers would regulate the streams rivers estuary and the Canadian coast lines and tidal zones .

That cold water was necessary for insects trout and endless species . Now is missing like those dependent on the cold water to regulate those environments are decimated or missing . It will take 1000s of years for glaciers to build back up to Pre Fukushima levels but the radiation has to disappear first .

The super cell storms are a direct result of the death of the pacific ocean and the radiation in it producing energy constantly like a invisible fire that can not be put out , Typhoons hitting land masses even city's at 230 mph gusting 270 mph are now common when it wasn,t even conceivable 5 years ago .

Storms grow faster, they are larger they have longer sustaining winds then Pre Fukushima levels despite attempts to play them down by media hacks .

Taiwan Philippines China 2 weeks ago got hit with 230 mph sustained from Super Typhoon Meranti . South Korea hit with 233 mph winds over the last few days , Hurricane Matthew ripped Haiti apart with gust exceeding 200 mph .

The Philippines suffered with 230 mph sustained winds during Super Typhoon Haiyan with over 6000 dead 40 provinces stripped of trees and homes and roads from 240 mph winds that where then turned into projectiles , over 15 million homeless . 


If we do not stop these reactors we will all find our self's on a slack tightrope between two sinking ships when the gales of Fukushima come calling .