Chernobyl Atomik Vodka and Fake Criminal Science Behind it

A UK Professor Jim Smith has only produced one bottle of radiated vodka and made unsubstantiated claims that it is radiation free by asserting distilling removes radiation from liqueur . Atomik is a well known bike part and toy brand on Amazon which means he never even thought the very basics of this one bottle wonder through .

You can not make something ionized by radiation like water or liquor or anything else safe and you certainly can not make it safe by distilling it . First you end up radiating the distiller and all the liqueur you run through it becomes radiated even if it wasn,t radiated before you distilled it .

Professor Smith from the University of Portsmouth UK is not a nuclear expert nor does he has one on his side , he is a environmental non-scientist with real aspirations of being a serial killing misery machine by way of Vodka . Unprofessional Smith is obviously a heartless public relation puppet and a dangerous nuke crank who should be arrested for attempting to poison unsuspecting consumers .

His science is unprofessional as he is , Jim Smith makes a interesting claim that he wants to use profits to help community’s . If he really was sincere he would advocate to relocate the victims to safer areas like a rational professor instead . Mr Smith also makes claims the land has recovered while failing to acknowledge UK had to close 9000 farms because of Chernobyl and over 380 farms in UK are still closed today 33 years later due to Chernobyl . The other farms should still be closed because radiation is forever .

Just last week I produced 2 video presentations about Chernobyl ( linked below ) with 100s of study’s showing Chernobyl will never recover because its you know radiated . All the surrounding countries are radiated also including UK 3000 miles away because of Chernobyl nuclear meltdowns . Mr smith is what nuclear experts like me refer to as nuke tarts , they lick the boots of the evil nuclear industries looking for a pat on the head and a scratch behind the ear while waiting for funding for more seeded studies to downplay nuclear accidents and to mitigate the blow-back on the nuclear industry and marginalize the endless victims .