Fukushima the price of unaccountability

If nuclear waste is really like a banana and potato chips and walking in the sunshine why do they need nuclear waste sites .  Why not use potato chips and banana`s instead for nuclear reactors or to create stupid weapons or even stupider scientist .  It is a legitimate question . Banana`s potato chips and walking in the sunshine just to name a few of the constant lies by your favorite media are so far removed from nuclear elements those media and scientist that regurgitates it endlessly are without reserve monsters in every sense of the word . For academics to lie constantly surely they deserve no respect certainly their contempt for you is blatantly disrespectful despicable . The accredited scientist ability to lie so bold face on radios on TV in main stream news without moderation from academics or media is shocking but necessary and vital to the future of all media and academics  . 

The word hemorrhaging in hospitals means emergency and priority care ya . Yet the 3 melted reactors and fuel pools that served as storage of old reactor cores at Fukushima are all missing and remnants and vicious byproducts are still and forever hemorrhaging into the pacific ocean . Our atmosphere and our entire environment seems to mean little or nothing to our academics or media . They will say its like a banana or sunshine or flying in a airplane when thoose have zero to do with nuclear , they are outrageous misdirections and misrepresentations of the most disingenuous degrees

Everything in Chernobyl was studied to death , the animals insects people pets grass pigs fish and still is . Not only that but remarkably boring academics wishing to join pro nuclear public relation firms will continue to be funded by your taxes to carry our endless study's in Chernobyl that will forever be referred to by academics and media verbatim as no harm done .  Fukushima reactor 3 alone not counting the fuel pool is openly admitted by media to be millions of times worst  than any reactor on this planet bar nothing . That is because of the hideous Mox fuel used in the missing reactor 3 melted and missing core was consisting of old nuclear missiles already unstable from the chain reaction and sitting in a bunker for decades .

The disposition from Fukushima air born fallout should be viewed as`the reality that it takes 3 days for the aerosol and atomized reactors and fuel pools to start to reach north America .  All the official ocean and air dispersal models from university's and govberment around the world are based upon a single reactor not three reactors being melted down with melt through and melt outs nor the 4 spent fuel pools full of reactor cores hemorrhaging into the air and ocean all day every day no not at all just a single plume from one reactor . These gross disgusting university's academic and media maggots kept it hidden by always saying its just a plume and they are tracking it , in reality its a new plume 1440 minutes a day every day forever .

The people that say banana potato chips airplanes and walking in sunshine are the most dangerous people on earth they will be hopefully be vilified forever . Their names i,m assuming will never be spoken without contempt in the next few years even by their own loved ones . They will never have a pension nor would anyone ever employ them as they have created their own place in society as useless hateful lying destructive twisted chicken neck scum .

Anything from Fukushima that fell west of the rocky mountains and it came at them for 8 months hard core and is still coming washed back towards the Pacific ocean and coast line . Any radioactive fallout on the east side ran towards the Atlantic Ocean coast line .  Don,t worry there was enough radioactive fall out from the three 100 percent melted reactors not to mentions the many many many missing reactors in the spent fuel pool to go around the planet many many times over .

All 8.8 million species on this planet are victims of a ruthless organized media and university's professors graduates etc etc that willingly bait & switch for the public the actual terminology of deadly nuclear waste with harmless insignificant banana`s potato chips and walking in sunshine constantly consistently remorselessly relentlessly . They get the nuclear and marine scientist degree so they can be public relation spin doctors like Woods Hole 800 nuclear apologist for a well funded propaganda machine know as despicable university's and media . Killing this planet and hiding it is the sole purpose of academic and media personality's for their entire career  , its all they do and they never stop . It is now safe to say it will come back to haunt every one of them soon because of Fukushima annihilation of the pacific ocean tidal pools & nursery , they really can,t hide it for much longer its too late they went too far .