Would you give your friends or family Fukushima Sake ?? From Most Radioactive Place in History

The unthinkable is happening , for the last 7 years sake makers in Fukushima are using rice grown by nuclear meltdowns . This rice is not fit for consumption , in fact its a crime to poison someone with that . Why even bother have IAEA if they are more worried about me trying to stop the crime instead of the criminals

Why do IAEA NRC exist besides to protect the vicious thugs making sake to poison us with , lets buy the sake and donate it to police every day until they are full of cancer maybe then they will get their fookin acts together . No food should be grown in any of those areas forever .

Japan has no functional just fictional checks and balances to protect people from ruthless sake makers . Insane uneducated vicious Sake criminals are calling radioactive fallout a lie to prop up their evil deeds . In a place with 30 million one ton bags of radiation denial might seem far fetch but its murder to sell Sake from there plain and simple .

Watch my desperate video presentation