Why did they rebuild Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Atomic Bomb Craters ?

By Dana Durnford TheNuclearProctologist is a warehouse of nuclear crimes . Dana Durnford is a renowned nuclear expert and marine researcher studying the Fukushima nuclear apocalyptic event and its effects on earths 8 million species .

Human experiment gone bad , nuclear scientist built a city on a Atomic bomb crater so they could study humans as they died from different diseases . Cancer is last one of 1800 diseases illnesses to show up , a lot of the diseases and illnesses and autoimmune deficiencies will kill the victims long before cancer shows up .

For 74 years nuclear scientist have studied the victims of nuclear bombing in Japan or as media likes to refer to them then as JAPS . Even today all the major university's are studying the victims or as your loving nuclear scientist like to call them lab rats . On the 74 year anniversary I will show you what no one else has for 7 and a half decades the monsters behind the curtains . The last day of the 2020 Olympics is the diamond anniversary the 75th Anniversary of the bombings .