Emaciated Whales North America Coast Wide Emaciated Sea Lion Pups 1000s Emaciated Female Penguins oh my

A baby killer whale is born into a family of emaciated killer whales who are picky eaters no less , they only eat Chinook salmon and only those with a good hair cut I bet . According to the media experts like Ken Balcomb, founding director of the Center for Whale Research the killer whales would rather be emaciated then eat shitty old seals sea lions halibut snapper giant pacific octopus that weigh up to 150 lb each or birds otters dolphins etc etc etc etc etc like any other staving and emaciated animal would eat .

Watch Live show of this story tonight Jan 14th 2019 link below

Killer whales the apex predator does not just sit there and watch all that food all day every day and refuse to even have a snack , to say they do is fookin ludicrous . Puget sound Killer whale must be the only animal on earth who would rather be emaciated and starve to death than eat something else . The whole story is so absurd so blatantly ridicules it is clearly stupid to suggest , it sounds like a story made up by 7 year old kids in a school yard .

The killer whales matriarch J16, mother of the late J50, is emaciated same as .K25, The whales are emaciated because of radiation from fukushima nuclear meltdowns has wrecked the food chain see my main page for the marine sailing expeditions . Normally the whales do not have to stave to death because they could you know eat other things like seals and sea lions but nope according to weirdo media idiotic govt officials killer whales are stubborn and refuse to eat anything but Chinook salmon so the killer whale are emaciated with pea nut shaped heads as proof .

Thank goodness for scientist , they should get the metal of horror and send them to reactor 3 at Fukushima aka Medusa where only the homeless destitute and victims of society have gone . It is not Yale university or Harvard University or MIT nor Stanford Oxford or any nuclear academics going there just the victims of society because scientist are cowards world wide and that is a fact .

2019 is off to extinction level start for Sperm whales Humpback whales Killer Whales Sea Lion Pups Monarch Butterfly’s 1000s of emaciated female Penguins . How is it no scientist anywhere thinks its odd animals and Apex predators are emaciated aka starving to death is beyond me . Academics lost the twinkle from their eyes and replaced it with a 1000 yard stare and as such any hope of respect is now hanging by a thread world wide . I will do a live show Jan 14th 2019 and post a link here tomorrow .

New baby orca spotted with Emaciated endangered killer whales

Idiot media said they expect two more killer whales to die of starvation by summer because they only eat salmon is stupid but hey thats weido jounalist for ya .


Emaciated Matriarch of well-known orca family is starving to death, B.C. researchers fear


Emaciated Sea Lion Pups Rescued Across Southland Beaches


1000s of Emaciated female penguins are washing up dead in South America ( BBC lets scientists from Japan claim its normal when its not normal ) https://www.bbc.com/news/video_and_audio/headlines/46785510/why-more-female-penguins-are-washing-up-dead-in-south-america

State warns public to stay away from Hawaiian Sand Island after Sperm whale carcass removal


Two Dead Humnback Whales Wash Ashore Hours Apart In Boston And Revere and Mink Whale

week before https://boston.cbslocal.com/video/3939391-two-dead-whales-wash-ashore-hours-apart-in-boston-and-revere/

Monarch butterfly population in California has plummeted 86% in 1 year Xerces Society


30-feet-long Baleen dead whale washes ashore in Bhitarkanika


Necropsy performed on Emaciated dead minke whale in Oyster Bay


Endangered Emaciated young Sei Whale strands itself euthanized on Masonboro Island, is a type of Baleen Whale https://www.wmbfnews.com/2019/01/07/endangered-whale-strands-itself-masonboro-island/

Emaciated dead Eastern North Pacific grey whale washes up in BC west coast


Record year for marine animal strandings in Scotland Last year, 670 strandings were reported https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-46822658

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Humpback Whale Found Dead on Saudi Asir Beach


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Dead Humpback Whale Washes Onto Pacifica Beach


Humpback Whale Washes Up On The Point In Cape Henlopen State Park


Hero whale saves snorkeler from tiger shark in the Pacific Ocean


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Sea World marine sciences director Trevor Long says whale population increase by 3000 whales each year lmao https://www.news-mail.com.au/news/dead-whale-popular-gold-coast-beach/3207404/