Nuclear Industry Says Kids Around Fukushima Nuclear Plant Have No Rights

Should kids be left to rot and die in Fukushima Japan nuclear waste land so the nuclear industry world wide can survive ?? According to the nuclear industry every where , the pictures you are about to view is considered fear mongering .

All I ask is for you to scan through the picture of Fukushima towns and the kids no one will talk about so you can see their side of the story the nuke cult has managed to keep buried for the last 7 years .

When you see the headlines and the Geiger counters you might ask your self why but that will be answered as you peruse the spit screen pictures .

The black bags are full of radiation over 100,000 Bq a Kg the previous limits pre Fukushima nuclear meltdowns was 0.1 bq a kg . By Dana Durnford aka The Nuclear Proctologist