They had a short day September 12th 2014 because they had wait for low tide and had to catch the ferry home. They will go out again for 4 days here starting Monday .They reported no sea anemone and little to no life , they did see some salmon but remember fish are way up the food chain we are checking the nursery in the tide pools for young and residential filter feeders because they are effected and killed off first , not stupid Tuna .  

First set of pictures are from Simon in the boat .

Terry pictures Day 3 September 12th 2014

Day 3 Jason's only got a few pictures because he tried to get good underwater footage , find the starfish video on my site from September 12th 2014 on youtbe at beautifulgirlbydana .

The wild West Coast of Vancouver Island across from The Bamfield Marine Science Centre, Bamfield, BC, Canada, is a major extremely well funded alleged not-for-profit facility dedicated to education and research related to coastal marine biology. If they are impartial why didn,t they tell people Fukushima radiation is killing the star fish across from them ??