This is screen captures from pictures we took yesterday October 3rd 2014 it was Day 15 on the beach out of 30 plus days of traveling . It was gusting 35 km and almost dark i,m working on the settings for my camera because a lot of shots came out dark . Simon and Terry cameras seem fine for dark days . As usual we found the same handful of species and nothing extra .  When we can get a real internet connection the original raw files will show up below but at least this way you get some context for that day  .

It is important to remember we are looking at the tidal pools first and everything else second because they are the most effected immediately Not Fish Not Tuna Not Whales NOT Seals not that they are immune to radiation from Fukushima but they bio accumulate the radiation and it shows up later .  The cameras can take microscopic pictures and can also enhance colors plus flash etc so while some pictures might look like life is vibrant or plentiful it is only a illusion of the cameras and the other pictures of those areas show how sparse and truly void the nursery aka the tidal pools are  .

Dana Updated Nov 13th 2014

Terry Updated Nov 13th 2014

Simon Updates Nov 13th 2014